Innisfree Eco Base Coat Review

There are times when I think about the past and go – If I knew then what I know now, I would have done  better. It is applicable in this case as well. When I first came to South Korea for 3 months, I knew it as a one time thing. I did not know I would keep coming back or else I would have invested in a Korean learning course. Koreans are now learning English but as of today, it is difficult to survive on English alone. How does all of this relate to this review? Well, it kind of does relate. You see I wanted to get the base coat that everyone was talking about as the “peel off” base coat and I bought one that I thought is one. As of writing this post, I think these are different things. So I ended up with the other Base coat. So If I had learnt Korean, I would have been able to read the label at the back and get the right one. Let’s see how it worked for me!

nail polish base coat review

Innisfree Eco Base Coat


Product: Innisfree Eco Base Coat

Claim: Speak your nail color and sharper (?)

Price: 3500 KRW (~3.5 USD)

Let me first admit that I have never used a base coat before this one so I do not have a frame of reference. But I am aware of what a basic function of a base coat is so I am going to write the review with that in mind!

It has a milky consistency to look at but goes on clear on the nails. It is not very thick and takes time like a normal nail polish to dry. I, however, rarely wait for it to dry. I started using a base coat solely because my nails got stained after using a couple of deep shades on my nails plus I was wearing a lot of glittery top coats and doing nail art so I wanted to protect my nails.

I am glad to report that the staining has never occurred again and I do not see any problem with the lasting of manicure. I was always afraid that base coat + 2 coats of nail paint + top coat will make my nail polish tacky or chipped soon but it has not happened. I have used The Face Shop Gel Touch Nails Top Coat for over a year now, and these two have worked really well for me.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

After getting good results, I am happy with my purchase but I still want to try the thicker (peel off) version of the Innisfree Eco Base Coat. Innisfree is an eco-friendly brand and I have really liked their products thus far. This one is not very expensive so if you need a good base coat, go for this one (if you can find it)!

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