Innisfree skincare and makeup haul (Sales Shopping)

So as promised here is the Innisfree haul from my second trip to the store during SALES! I had actually wanted to pick these up on my first trip but I like to keep my one time shopping expenses under a certain limit. So I kept these back and decided to return a couple of days later. Of course I bought an extra item but I got really good deals and since I have not tried many of their products, this was a great opportunity for me. Innisfree is not the most afforable of the Korean brands but the quality (I have heard) is really good and I do not mind spending money for skincare, even though I am usually frugal with makeup purchases πŸ˜‰

innisfree products

Innisfree shopping haul

Watch my haul video:

Innisfree Skincare and makeup haul:

  • Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle Cream
  • Innisfree Rose Clear Skin
  • Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse
  • Innisfree Daphne Blossom Perfumed Body Cream
innisfree eye cream double

Innisfree Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle cream

I had planned on buying all the other things except the Eco Science White C Double Eye Circle cream. Actually there was so much rush in the store that I have missed it the first time because if I had seen this first, I would not have gone for the Innisfree Moisture Firming Eye Cream. This one has a tinted+SPF eye cream for daytime (ideal to lightly conceal and brighten under eye area) and anti-wrinnkle+cooling eye cream for nighttime. Both sides come in pump form (side by side) and the packaging is very chic and travel-friendly. At the price, there is a good amount of product in the bottle!

rose water toner by innisfree

Innisfree Rose Clear Skin

I am super excited to finally start using a Rose water based toner. I usually do not like to apply a toner on my face but it becomes a little handy for summer when my skin especially my T-Zone becomes oily. Most Rose water based toners come with plenty of unneccesary chemicals. This one is very basic but looks quite promising.

perfumed body cream daphne

Innisfree Daphne Blossom Perfumed Body Cream

I fell for the delicious scent of the Daphne Blossom perfumed body cream. There is nothing else to it for me apart from the scent but I am guessing the body cream to be moisturizing to the skin as well! It’s like a perfume in a cream. And even though I do not prefer scents in skincare products, I sometimes buy them just for special occassion when I want to smell especially nice!

innisfree lip mousse pink

Innisfree Creamy Tint Mousse #4

The last thing is a makeup item. As you might have guessed after reading the first haul, I am more into Innisfree Skincare and body products than makeup (as of now πŸ˜‰ ), I only got the Lip Mousse because the coor selection was good and this shade called out to me!

Innisfree Global website:Β

I am glad I got these products. Innisfree does not run discounts a lot on their products (only twice a year I think) so I am glad i picked a few things up. As always, I will do reviews in a few weeks after I start using the products and thoroughly test them. Stay tuned for more! I have some exciting things planned for March for my blog and YouTube channel!

Do you shop in sales? Have you tried Innisfree products? What are your favorite Innisfree products?


  1. Rekha says:

    Innisfree stores are not there in Chennai.. I always wanted to try their stuff.. I will see if I can get them online πŸ™‚ you have got some lovely stuff Ritu πŸ™‚

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