Japanese dollar store – Daiso shopping haul

Daiso is a Japanese 100 yen store also sometime referred to as Japenese dollar store even though each item costs 1.50$ and above. I am in Korea where most of the products in Daiso range from 1000 Korean Won (KRW) to 5000 KRW. I first saw a Dasio at the Yangjae subway station while changing lines. I did not know much about Daiso but when I went in, I saw a lot of products available at cheap price. I checked online after coming back and realized, it is an awesome place to try new things. So this is my first Daiso shopping haul.

My first big Daiso Shopping haul

Daiso Shopping Haul

Daiso Shopping Haul:

  • Fake Eyelashes #14
  • Fake eyelashes natural
  • Nail Art glitter set (or of) – Blue
  • Nail Art stones – pink
  • Nail Art stones – white
  • Rhine Stone Hot-fix
  • Camera case
  • Blue and white polka dot hard disk/phone case
  • Amara Amara wet tissues – 2
  • Nail Art stick
  • Olive Farm Eyelash adhesive
  • Organic Farm lovely pastel – #3
  • Organic Farm lovely pastel – #7

None of these things cost me over 3000 KRW I think which is amazing. I bought the nail art stones because I want to start doing nail art. I never grew my nails as long as I would have liked but now I know why other girls love growing their nails and painting them. I was too paranoid about using nail paints very often because I had heard nail paint contained lead but now I sort of don’t care (YOLO)!

I do plan to give my hands and nails a break every too often but I will start keeping my nails in a more groomed state than just keeping them clean and moisturized. I am going to paint them wit pretty colors and draw awesome designs.

It is very cold here right now but I am hoping to start doing fancy manicures at home from this spring. Stay tuned for the awesome NOTDs!

After learning about Daiso, I started searching for recommendations and sure enough there is a unanimous choice of fake eyelashes. The eyelashes cost 1000KRW each and come in singles, packs of 3 and five. There are a lot of options to choose from.

I bought a fancy one and a natural one just to try them out. I will stock up on these from time to time. Fake lashes can be so expensive!

All of this only strengthens my opinion that if something is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s not good and vice-versa.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first Daiso shopping haul! Have you heard about Daiso? Do you shop at dollar stores?

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