Jewelry Makeover (Personalizing Accessories!)

I am a jewelry junkie. Back when I started gaining weight, I got very conscious of my body and my interest in dressing up (outfit-wise) faded a little bit. It all made me look into makeup and accessorizing in a different way. I started telling myself that even if my outfits did not look very good on me, I could still present myself well by wearing beautiful accessories and doing flattering makeup. Of course that was years ago and I am much more confident of myself (and dress up the way I want), my interest in jewelry and makeup has multiplied. I have uncountable accessories (I have been actively building a collection since 2007) but sometimes I just get bored of some of them or do not want to wear what is easily available in the market (everyone is wearing it) so I try to customize my accessories a little. It maybe just a little bit of switching, but it makes a difference in my opinion and makes me happy.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a jewelry designer, I never got a chance to pursue it and neither do I have any tools but I do not let it stop me from having some jewelry-makeover fun!

A couple of weeks ago, I customized 4 pairs of earrings and a bracelet into something a little different. The photos are self-explanatory. Hope you enjoy the Jewelry Makeover!

# 1 and #2

personalizing earrings

Clipping off the unwanted!

Both of these earrings were too long especially with my shorter hair and the feathers of one of the pair of earrings was a bit crooked. So I just took it out. There are so many things that can be done with that one but I am happy with it right now and will wear it a few times before doing some more switching around!

I loved the crystal earrings but they got caught in my hair a lot and since I do not have very long neck, they stood awkwardly on my shoulders so I cut the lower part. I always loved the crystal part and I am happy with this length!


personalize earrings

Adding some bling and cutting clutter!

Ok so I had gotten these in Sweden and they never looked really good to me. I have no idea why I even bought them but NOW I like them. They are a little more special and taking that middle part out makes it a little more flattering (and less clutter-y). And now they are less heavy too!


statement jewelry

Earrings + Bracelet = Statement Bracelet?

This bracelet was perfectly fine but I was bored of it (I have a similar one is gold too) and one of the accent bead had lost crystals (left in photo), the flower earrings were again too plain (gotten in Sweden in 2010 in sale) and one of the (fake) pearl had come off so I just made a bracelet combining the two. It is perfect for spring NOW!

I used a strong glue and an elastic wire thingy (do not know what it’s called). Everything else is from the accessories under makeover and leftovers from previous sessions. I never throw away the “leftovers” from these “makeover” sessions so I am definitely going to do something again when the idea strikes or when I have a day off (which I usually don’t take).

Hope your liked this Jewelry Makeover post and if you did please let me know and I will be more than happy to do similar posts as this is my favorite timepass activity! 


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