June 2016 FabBag Review, Unboxing! (+ video)

FabBag June 2016 – Review and Unboxing! (+Video)

UPDATE 15/06/2016: The Giveaway is now closed. The winner is Ankita Aggarwal (Twitter – @princess_anshu).

Hi everyone, today I decided to finally sit down and share my review of the June FabBag. I received it pretty early and made a review video. But I took the photos and decided to do the blogpost about it today. May FabBag had really wowed me so I was expecting a fantastic FabBag this month too. Thankfully I was not disppointed! So that is why I have decided to do a FabBag giveaway. So let’s get started with the review and all the details of the giveaway will be mentioned at the bottom of the post!

june fabbag review

June FabBag

“The Beauty Addict” FabBag June  2016:

  • Be A Bombshell Metallic Eyeliner – Deja Vu
  • SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub
  • Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter
  • Ital Veloce Fine Fragrance Mist – Shooting Stars, Chii Town Blushes

Get your own FabBag here!

Here is the FabBag June 2016 Unboxing and Review Video that I filmed:

Be A Bombshell Metallic Eyeliner – Deja Vu

Be A Bombshell Eye Liner

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner

Price: 1000 INR

Claim: Bold liquid metallic eyeliner for a defined eye or pop of color.

Quantity: 4.6 ml

*Full size

Be A Bombshell metallic Eye Liner review

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Liquid Eye Liner Deja Vu Swatches

As I have mentioned in the video, when I got my 3 month subscription for FabBag, I received a mail that gave me the option to choose one product out of a few Be A Bombshell cosmetics products. There were pencil liners, lip liners and liquid liners. Since I have a dearth of colorful liquid liners, I chose the Be A Bombshell Metallic Eyeliner in Deja Vu. It is beautiful teal shade and being a metallic shade makes quite a statement. When it arrived, I swatched it and fell in love right away. I am wearing it in the video too! I think it is a gorgeous shade and is perfect to add to anyone who can sport a bold eyeliner look. The marker type applicator (being a bit stiff) takes a bit of getting used to but it is apt for creating a winger liner.

Check out my FOTD featuring the Be A Bombshell Liquid Eye Liner – Deja vu:

green eyes link lips makeup look


SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub review

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

Price: 1795 INR

Claim: The caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also treats inflammation and protects your skin from sun damage.

Quantity: 220 g

*100g sachet

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub photo

SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub – texture

I was also happy to see the SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub in the Fabbag since I was planning to buy a body scrub. I have heard great things about the SkinYoga products and even tried a couple of things through FabBag so I expected this to be good too. Upon opening the packaging, the coffee aroma made me travel to another world altogether. The texture of the srcub however, felt a bit gritty to me. Of course I need to test it out before writing a review but based on first impression, it looks like a strong body scrub!

Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter

Karite Buerre Pure

Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter

Price: 499 INR

Claim: East African Shea butter (Vitellaria nilotica) is produced in Northern Uganda is 100% natural and certified “WILD”. It is produced in a manner that uses newly developed technology to carefully process the butter without the use of chemicals and not losing any of its healing properties.

Quantity: 50 g

*20g sample

Karite Buerre shea Butter

Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter

Despite the Delhi heat melting us away, my skin has found ways to stay dry. I drink so much of water so I have no idea what the problem is. Anyway. So I am always on the lookout for moisturizing products. And Shea Butter is supposed to be a really hydrating product. When I first opened the Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter tub, I felt like it looked similar to solidified ghee (clarified butter). It had a nutty smell (delicious!) and I expected it to be heavy. But it turned out to be moisturizing without being heavy. It absorbed well into the skin. I have been loving using it on my hand and feet!

Ital Veloce Fine Fragrance Mist – Shooting Stars, Chii Town Blushes

Ital Veloce Fine Fragrance Mist

Ital Veloce Fine Fragrance Mist – Shooting Stars, Chii Town Blushes

Price: 499 INR

Claim: Each spritz is a flirty shower to the soul that makes you blush every time you smell it

Quantity: 210 ml

*12 ml sample each

Fragrance are always very tricky. There are some scent that I like but then a little variation of the same can make me fall in love with it. I usually go for citrus scents since they are refreshing. So I received a couple of samples of the Ital Veloce fragrances. While Shooting Stars smelled a bit sharp and floral (which I did not like), I loved the fresh and fruity scent of the Chii Town Blushes spray!

June 2016 FabBag

June 2016 FabBag

This month’s bag is also cute. I love the caption – Eat, Sleep, Makeup, Repeat. I love it!

Enter my #JuneFabBag giveaway (there is one running on my YouTube channel as well)

Overall, I am happy with my June FabBag. I loved the May FabBag slightly more than this one but the June Fab Bag is also a good value for money in my opinion. I am excited about using the Be A Bombshell Metallic Eyeliner and the Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter. The fragrance mists will accompany me on my trip in the middle of June! Detailed reviews of all the products I have received in my June FabBag will be coming on the blog soon.

Have you booked your FabBag this month? Which is our favorite monthly subscription service? Comment below!


  1. Ruby says:

    Hi Ritu,
    Hope you’re doing well.I like your channel and I really liked your fab bag review. The Be A Bombshell Eye-liner looks great on you 🙂
    What I am looking forward for this month is a trip with my besties to Manali as this is my Birthday month.
    Following you on all platforms…Wish to win ! Fingers tightly crossed!

    Twitter – @livelycute
    Instagram – @livelycute

  2. Ghazala Naseem says:

    Nicely reviewed , The eyeliner is too gorgeous .
    I had ordered May fab Bag last month , and i am happy with the products i got .Other then that i had once ordered Being Juliet Subscription Box , that was also good . Looking forward to read some great reviews of some other subscription box in India in your channel and blog so that we can know about them , i would suggest you to try and review some Jewellery subscription box 🙂
    Ghazala Naseem recently posted…REVIEW OF LOMI LOMI 7 SKIN SCHEDULER MASK FROM SKIN18.COM

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