Korean Beauty Brands – Tony Moly first ever Shopping haul

What comes to your mind when you read “Tony Moly”? I find it cute and childish partly because it is a very simple name which does not have a direct translation in any of the languages I know. Second reason is that my little nephew used to have a toy who we somehow mysteriously named “Roly Poly”.

So anyway, Tony Moly was the cosmetic brand I kept seeing every time I went out after coming to Seoul. And that is because there is a store in the subway station (Shinbundang line – Jeongja). You can always find sales executive standing outside the store door asking passerby’s to come and have a look at the day’s deals. They speak non-stop. Strangely this made me stay away from Tony Moly for a long time.

So now that I am comfortable shopping in Korean beauty stores, I ventured into a Tony Moly store in Seohyeon. I must say I was missing out on a lot of stuff. They have some good product concepts and super-cute packaging.

For the first haul I decided to stay within a spending limit of 10000 KRW. So here is what I bought:

Photo of my first Tony Moly shopping haul

Tony Moly Fruit Princess Pomegranate gloss, nail stickers

Tony Moly shopping haul: Fruit Princess Gloss  #5 (Pomegranate), 2 Nail stickers

I was ow on cash but I really wanted to take advantage of the offers going on so I picked up two nice nail stickers and just couldn’t resist the Fruit Princess gloss. The packaging of hand creams, lip glosses and perfume sticks is really cute in Tony Moly. Many of these are some sort of Dolls, very girly and appealing. I would love to display all of those on my vanity but they are pricey. And most of the times, even during SALE, there are no offers on these products. I guess we pay for the packaging!

Another thing I noticed (after coming back home) is that one entire side of the gloss packaging is full of the ingredient list! But that comes with the territory I guess. I love the scent of the gloss and it is a very light coral shiny – not super pigmented shade. It has a golden sheen to it but the particles are not separately visible.

The nail stickers however did not do it for me. I have not tried the lace type thingy but I did try the bows and they were a pain in the you-know-what to take off the sheet and apply. And a couple of bows disintegrated while I was picking them up with tweezers. Scratching with nail failed too. I guess they were too fine. I will try use these up but it gives me headache just thinking about the concentration needed for the task!

I plan to try the princess glosses in litchi and other shades and some skincare items which I think are quote popular like the Egg pore balms or something. Have you tried Tony Moly products?

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