Skinfood Lip and Cheek Makeup Shopping haul and Swatches

Skinfood is the only brand I had heard about before coming to Seoul. It is a Korean skincare and cosmetics company with the motto to create products with nutritional values of food. The company’s slogan is “beauty food for the urban sweety”. The logo itself is beautiful -(supposed to stand for) A¬†guardian angel sent to protect and carefully guard your skin.

Skinfood products are supposed to be good quality – nature-origin or natural. The price range for the products is medium-range in my opinion. Etude House, The Face Shop and Nature Republic have relatively cheaper products than Skinfood and they also run SALEs more frequently.

Photo collage of my Skinfood shopping haul and swatches

Skinfood – Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek tint Rose (3 Grapefruit and 2 Berry) Essence blusher (4)

I have been going crazy about lip products once again and have moved out of my nail paint phase. This week I bought Lip and Cheek products from Skinfood. I have never bought a cream blush before so when I saw the fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek tint (cream) I decided to buy two of the richest and most beautiful shades.

Check them out at the Skinfood website:|5|227

The Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek tints are available in 6 shades – Pomegranate (1),Berry (2), Grapefruit (3), Apricot (4), Peach (5), Lychee (6)

They smell amazing. The grapefruit shade is a coral and it even smells citrus-y like a grapefruit and the berry is rich Fuscia with blue undertones (a lot like my Soft Azalea Color Sensational lipcolor by Maybelline maybe a tad bit brighter and blue-r) but does not smell strong enough of berries. Whatever it smells like, it’s pleasant!

I picked up the rose essence blush thinking it would be perfect to layer over the “grapefruit” shade. It is based on the beauty rule that a cream based product lasts longer when topped up with a powder product.

It was really stupid of me because when I swatched it in the Skinfood store, it did not show up on my hand and when I ran my finger over it, it felt very dry (hence no swatch in the photo). I assumed that it was because it was a tester and had dried out but it is actually the same with the packaged product as well.

A total waste in my opinion. I think this color, as light as it already is, may (yes may) show up on very skin tones but not for a person with wheatish complexion! it does smell like Roses though. too bad rose is not my favorite scent!

I have used the grapefruit shade a couple of times (Without any powder on top) and it does not seem to last long. I barely noticed it after 2 hours of application. So this Skinfood experiment failed for me. But I saw many good products that I didn’t buy so I am not turning away from Skinfood forever. I may have to coaxed into buying something to shake off the horror of these products but then this is just a small review (sort of a first impression), I need to try it consistently in different ways and then review it thoroughly!

I must say that the packaging is really cute. I like the tin packaging which is compact, basic and very travel-friendly. I did receive a Honey gift set (toner and emulsion) but I forgot to include it while taking pictures (Sorry)! Have you tried Skinfood cosmetics? What are your thoughts about the Korean cosmetic brands?

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