Korean cosmetics – The Face Shop and Nature Republic Haul

I’m back with a Nature Republic and The Face Shop Haul. I had been missing in action for a while and I have no excuses. I was behind schedule in publicizing my blog but I took a break for a few days from everything. It was mainly because I had been working non-stop since the end of April 2013 to set up my blogs and I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

I am rejuvenated now and quite excited about an upcoming trip I am taking to Jeju,South Korea. Since March 2012 I had been wanting to visit Jeju but something or the other kept happening. Finally a couple of weeks ago, we got the tickets booked and I am super excited to go on this vacation.

I had to pick up a few things for my Travel bag so I went out for some beauty shopping and this is what I came home with.

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The Face Shop and Nature Republic haul

I have always used cleansing milks for removing my makeup but my skin has been acting up lately; usually getting dry around my mouth. So I decided to try out a “Cleansing cream” from Nature Republic. And since I am going to an island, I’d be out in the sun for a lot more in those 60 hours so I also picked up a Cooling Sun Block Spray by The Face Shop.

I picked up the nail buffer as I am building a new Manicure set. I built my last one around 3 years ago so I need new tools besides it was too cute not to buy in <1$.

I will try out both of these things during my trip to Jeju, I will also be doing a “What’s in my Travel bag” post to show you what I am packing for my 3 night-2 day trip. Stay tuned!

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