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Lakmé is the name that I consider to be the sole Indian brand working at International standards. Whether it is their makeup or Salon services they are always at par with their global counterparts in quality. So when I heard about a new initiative of Lakmé and Fame, Lakmé School of Style, Video Fashion Magazine (headed by none other than Karan Johar himself), I decided to check it out!

Basically there are 60 YouTube videos (and counting) on the channels already and each one covers some aspect of our everyday lives from makeup, social issues, life, skin care etc. I decided to choose a couple of the videos to introduce you to the YouTube channel. There were plenty of interesting ones to choose from, some with deeper meaning than just makeup, but I decided to keep it positive and fun with the “Karan Johar interviews Cancer Survivor” and “The Best Ever Contouring Tutorial”.

I am all for inspiration and makeup so I chose these two but of course you can check out their channel and watch all the rest at your disposal!

Karan Johar interviews Cancer Survivor

I loved the candid moments between the young Cancer Survivor, Ruchi Gokhale, and Karan Johar. It was a sweet, simple and inspirational little video that brought a smile to my face. Cancer is the kind of word that can invoke all sorts of feelings of fear, worry, confusion but Ruchi’s interview shows us how to deal with such things in life. After all our attitude towards circumstances decided the outcome more than the situation itself!

The Best Ever Contouring Tutorial

I love how makeup can change anyone’s look. It can help accentuate our features, highlight the parts of our face we like and hide the parts we are not so fond of. So my obvious choice was Sahibba K. Anand’s “The Best Ever Contouring Tutorial” video. I loved here presentation style, her knowledge of makeup (of course contouring) and her overall personality. The tips given in this video make it the best ever contouring tutorial, you will not need to watch any other contouring video again!

I highly suggest you check out the Lakmé School of Style Youtube channel for your own dose of fashion, style, makeup and lifestyle information!

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