Lancome Lip Lover swatches (shades released in South Korea + first impression)

Lancome has come with a new lip product for the Spring of 2014 – Lip Lover. I saw them recently at AK Plaxa in Seohyeon and the display was beautiful! I really like Lilly Collins and she looks absolutely gorgeous in the Lip Lover ad!

Lancome on Lip Lover – A dewy intense lip color that creates shine and color without sacrificing moisture. Captivating color intensity combines with the hydration of a balm in this new three-in-one elixir formula. The balmy base provides up to eight hours of moisture while a smoothing layer reduces the appearance of fine lines and creates a dewy shine. Finally, the saturated pigments provide the ultimate in color pop.

lip lover

Lancome Lip Lover display!

I saw 10 shades at the Lancome counter and swatched them right then and there. I have never bought a Lancome product before and after swatching these Lip Lovers, I was tempted to get a couple of shades (but resisted)

I am yet to do haul posts of all the products I got in the past few weeks (sales ahem!). Two of my biggest haul posts from Etude House and Missha are still in queue so I will first finish up my pending haul posts and then buy anything new. Whatever haul posts you see until 30 April 2014 are from the past few weeks. Anyway let’s move on to the swatches!

all lancome lip lover shades released in south korea

Lancome Lip Lover

Note: There seems to be a different naming convention for Lip Lover in Korea as the names (written in Korean under the code) are different from the names given on the websites (in English). The names when translated from Korean to English are simpler than the French names listed on the European (and the US) websites. 353 Cherry Kiss is a direct translation from Korean to English as this s hade is not listed on the Lancome US website while the rest of the names are from the US and European websites.

There are 10 shades released in South Korea and they are:

316 Rose Attrape Coeur

320 Ambre Arabesque

333 Rose des Nymphes

336 Orange Maege

337 Lip Lover

338 Rose des Cygnes

339 Fuchsia Attitude

353 *Cherry Kiss

355 Framboise Etoile

356 Belle de Rouge

Lancome Lip Lover swatches – 316, 320, 333, 336, 337

swatches of lancome lip lover colors

Lancome Lip Lover swatches – 316, 320, 333, 336, 337

Swatches of 338, 339, 353, 355, 356

lip lover shades

Lancome Lip Lover swatches – 338, 339, 353, 355, 356

My thoughts and First Impression:

The shade selection is beautiful. The packaging is attractive! The Lip Lover comes in a silver cylindrical tube with two rectangular transparent “windows” to see the color and a tiny button to push open the lid which reveals a slightly puffy gloss-type applicator.

I liked the packaging at first but after opening 10 lipsticks, it hit me that this may not be very travel-friendly as the push of that little button opens the Lip Lover so there is a chance of accidents.

I did not get to apply this on the lips (I never use testers on my face directly) so I do not know how moisturizing (and hence balm-like) the Lip Lovers are but from the swatches they felt glossy and well-pigmented, kind of sheer (and mellow) when compared to lipsticks though. I do think these will reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips. My favorite shades are 333 and 355.

I hope you fine these swatches helpful. Let me know in the comments about your favorite shades from this line!

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