Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam – Review!

Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam – Review!

When it comes to popping pills, I like looking for alternatives so in times of pain, my first instinct is to look out for something for topical application. I have always been into alternative healing than western medicine so when I came across the Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam, I knew I had to try it. Ayurveda has given us a concoction of herbs in oil base that helps relieve pain and these usually come with names like Maha Narayan tail, Narayana tailam etc. So today I am going to review a pain relief oil that has been really helpful to reduce the pain I get from tendonitis and cervical spondylitis!

Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam price

Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam

Product: Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam (pain relief massage oil)

Price: 599 INR

Quantity: 100 ml

Claim: Relieve your body from all pains and stress. The Level Ayush Narayana Tailam contains 32 ingredients, known for their pain-relief benefits. The oil made solely of Ayurvedic solutions using Pak Vidhi (method of processing medicated oils) that can cure muscle and joint aches in case of osteoarthritis. Regular Abhyanga with Narayan Tailam provides relief from all kinds of muscle and joint pains.

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Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana tailam comes in a clear plastic bottle with white twist-open lid. All of the details about this pain relief oil are printed on the stickers placed on both sides of the bottle as well as a tiny leaflet that comes in a cloth bag that houses the bottle. The oil is reddish brown in color and smells of herbs! The smell lingers so this is the kind of oil that would probably work better of applied when you are going to stay home. The consistency is like any other oil but it does not absorb readily on the skin. Staining is also an issue so make sure you are not wearing white or your favorite clothes when you apply this oil.

Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam review

Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam

Those are just the things you need to remember for any ayurvedic pain relief oil, it is not a cons of the product!

This pain relief oil comes in a packaging where it pours out drop by drop and hence wastage is reduced. It smells strong but feels good when massaged on the affected area. I love placing it in a container with slightly hot water to warm up the oil. This way it feels even more relaxing.

Since this contains many herbs, this joint and muscle pain relief oil helps mend the Vata imbalance in the body which is the culprit behind muscle and joint pains according to Ayurveda. Even though this oil helps bring relief in pain whenever it is used, it works best when used consistently over a period of time. This is not a quick-relief remedy!

Many pain relief oils are available in the market but the Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Tailam is a top class product since it is created using the taila pak vidhi (method of processing medicated oils). It contains 32 herbs and these help bring relief in pain, create vata balance in the body and improve overall well being!

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

FTC: PR sample, sent for review by Purplle. 100% honest review.

Overall, I am happy to have come across the Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana Oil. It is working well for me and bringing me a lot of relief in pains I get every few days because of Cervical Sponylitis and Tendonitis. I highly recommend it to people looking for Ayurvedic products for pain relief!

Have you tried the Lever Ayush Therapy Narayana tailam? Share your pain relief remedies in the comments section below!

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