Levi’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection Launch Event + OOTD!

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A few days ago I was invited to take a peek at the Fall/Winter 2015 collection curated by Feisty Fox (Stephanie Timmins). I was not feeling well but I still decided to brave the heat and make it to the Levi’s Store in South Ex I. I was one of the first few bloggers to make it to the event so got plenty of chance to interact with other bloggers including Stephanie. Here is a little bit about what I did at the #LadiesInLevis event!

Stephanie Timmins (aka Feisty Fox) our host for the event:


Once I registered myself for the event, I went upstairs  to take a look at the newly launched collection. They had a series of activities planned for us there.

First we were supposed to take our “Before” selfies from the kiosk and polaroids. Then we were asked to pick up anything from the Levi’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and style it on our way. There were makeup artists and hair stylists to help us create the complete look. Then we had to walk the ramp in our Levi’s outfits and then talk about the inspiration behind the outfit. There were some contests for the styling and everyone had a lot of fun!

Here is the Levi’s India Autumn Winter 2015 collection:

Levi's Autumn Winter 2015 collection

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection

Levi's Fall/Winter 2015 collection

Levi’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection

Before I went for makeup, I interacted with Stephanie who was very charming and friendly. She talked me through the event activites and the collection; and then we shared a little bit about our experiences in blogging. I loved chatting with her. Then I went on to eye the new collection.

I got the chance to get my hair done and for some reason, the hairstylist decided to give me straight hair. I had asked him to give me waves… anyway once my hair was pressed straight I liked it. Of course my hair developed slight waves in like 5 seconds.

The makeup artist gave me shimmer-y eye makeup with thick eyeliner (without wings) and muted red lip colour. They used a lot of INGLOT and Makeup Factory products.

My Before and After (makeup + hair):

20150923_170555 shopping escapades ritukt for levis

I chose a simple outfit from the new collection, something I would wear on any given day. Since I already owned a 711 Super Skinny, I decided to go for the much straighter fit jeans from the collection – 312 Shaping Slim. It is still well fit but not as clingy as the Super Skinny Jeans.

Check out how I styled my 711’s here.

I wanted to go for a much more glamorous top but then zeroed in on this black and teal striped round neck top. I guess, I have a thing for stripes! I had actually planned to wear a jacket to add some glamour to the outfit but sadly none of the 3 new pieces fit my frame (top heavy) very well. So I stuck to the stripes and jeans classic combo!

This was my first event involving style so I did not have anything other than my earrings for accessories. Of course I have learnt my lesson and will be more prepared in the future. Anyhow, check out the pics!

My Before and After (outfit):

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) for the Levi’s event:
Dress – Random (from South Korea)
Tights – H&M
Wedges – Solovoga
Handbag – Anne Klein
Earrings – Six (Swedish brand)
On my Lips – Maybelline ColorShow Creamy Matte Lip Colour: M304 Mysterious Mocha

* Above outfit curated keeping in mind that I had to travel by public transport


Outfit from the Levi’s new collection:

Jeans – Levi’s 312 Shaping Slim
Top – Levi’s Black and Teal striped top
Wedges – Solovoga (Available at Shopper’s Stop etc.)
Handbag – Anne Klein
Earrings – Six (Swedish brand)
Sunglasses – Vogue Eyewear

I loved a lot of pieces from the new collection and the 312 jeans was something I did not want to take off. The 312 Shaping Slim jeans has been the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn! I do plan on getting a pair in a month or so (with the 500 INR discount coupon handed to us at the event).

Here is a shot of the Polaroids:

before after levis fall winter 2015

Overall I loved spending my day with fellow Delhi fashionistas doing what we do best! I also loved the new Levi’s collection, every single one of these pair of jeans is a must-have. I already own the 711 and am now determined to grab the 312. Of course, 710 and 311 are also on my wishlist now!

Which is your favourite piece from the Levi’s Fall Winter collection? Which is your favourite pair of  jeans from Levi’s? Comment below!

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