LG ON The Body Bath Set – Bargain Bath products review

Hello everyone, I decided to do a small haul and review of a bath set that I bought recently. Till coming to Korea, I had no idea that LG also had a branch dealing with skincare and body products. I have already loved LG On the body Anti-wrinkle Iris Hand cream and other body washes so a set was the next obvious step.

Photo of LG on the Body bath set wth cherry blossom and iris body wash and lotions

LG On: The Body Bath Set – Cherry Blossom Body Wash, Iris Body Lotion, Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion

The Set contains: Cherry Blossom Body Wash (180g), Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion (75g) and Iris Body Lotion (100ml).

I have used Cherry Blossom body wash and Iris body wash; and Anti Wrinkle Iris Hand Cream; and Ylang Ylang Body Wash in the past and have always loved the consistency, performance and scent of their products. Most of the LG cosmetics are available in major supermarkets.

The body washes are pretty average and can be compared to Dove and other drugstore brands. I am more impressed with the hand lotions and body lotions from this line. The sad thing is for a nosy beauty obsessed person like me who needs to find ingredients and other info, LG does not print any information in English on the outer or inner packaging.

Even to find out whether the product is a body wash or a body cream, you need to be able to read basic Korean. I have learn the spellings by heart or use translate.google.com to do it on the spot. If LG wants to spread its popularity in the beauty world, they should look into providing the information in English alongwith Korean.

There was an episode of body cream bath and a body wash moisturization when I bought a set for the first time, ahem! But I learnt and will never confuse the written Korean words for Body Lotion and Body Wash again!

The website listed on the products is onthebody.lgcare.com but I never find any useful info either. I do not see anything listed from LG On The Body on Amazon so I think trying LG products might not be possible for people outside Korea. I like most of the products I have tried from LG but it is not something I will miss when I go from Korea (not that I have an option to get them either). Until then I will use up what I have and try more Korean products!