LG ON The Body – Cherry Blossom & Iris Body Wash (+ Review)

I went to emart the other day, there was big sale on toiletries going on there. I am a sucker for sale so I did pick up a few things to try from Korean brands. I was surprised to see LG company which I invariably connect with phones and electronics in the beauty aisle.

I was running low on my shower gels/body washes so I bought a couple of body washes from ON: the Body, a LG household and healthcare brand. Since was trying them for the first time so I bough mini version which cost me <1$ (1000 Korean Won, <60 INR).

lg on the body cherry blossom and iris body wash

Cherry Blossoms and Iris Body Wash by ON The Body (LG household and healthcare)

I started using both of them on alternate days and I love the smell of Iris more than the Cherry Blossoms one. I think each pack will last me upto 10 baths!

The consistency of the body washes was more like a Dove shampoo than a usual body wash but I love how the smell lingers on even after towel drying. They lather up well and my bathroom smells great for hours! Iris is my favorite even though I expected to like Cherry Blossom scent more.

Rating and Recommendation – 3/5 I am happy with the price and performance of both of these. I can they can be good cheap alternatives to other expensive brands once in a while. Or just for keeping in the guest bathroom 😉 Did you know about LG’s beauty brand earlier?

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