When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade Them for Makeup!

Hi everyone, How have all of you been? I have not been exactly well but I am definitely better.

This is not a makeup or beauty post, just an update on how I have been and why I have been silent here at Shopping Escapades. So if you care about knowing what I have been upto then keep reading, else I will see you soon!

I do not want to write a sob story here since I know that I have more to be thankful for in life than to complain about. But I should add that I did lose my motivation to sit on my laptop and write reviews because of certain circumstances in life. I am sure many people would have continued marching forward but I am the kind of person who can deal with de-motivation only to a certain extent and then I need time to recharge. And let’s just say I have focused on the negative long enough and now I am done with it! Too much of living in the past or the future, it’s time to focus on the present!!!

And I have decided to not let others hold me back anymore. I do not want to lose what I have built with love and hardwork for 2 years (this website). So I have decided to come back. The testing of products was still going on all this time (because I love playing with makeup and trying new skincare) only lack of posts so you will see a lot of reviews coming soon.

I do not have access to a lot of things but I will definitely try to do my best with what I have. See you soon!


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