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The temperature is rising in Bangalore with every passing day and it is getting more and more difficult to step out during the day. So I have been feeding the shopworm (totally made it up) with online shopping. I had heard a lot about but had never tried them so I was pleased when they contacted me to review their services. Never the one to say NO to an opportunity to get accustomed to a new brand or website, I agreed. I wanted to buy something too so I decided to club the review and shopping experience post in one!

limeroad website review


Limeroad is a social-commerce platform targeted at the woman of today. It has an incredible width of carefully selected retailers, enabling customers to discover the best of lifestyle products across categories like apparel, accessories and home.

When I first opened the website, I instantly liked the Menus and submenus divinding the categories intelligently. It was easy to navigate and look for products. I especially loved browsing through the Sale section (cheapskate alert!) and the Trending Section which loads at the homepage.

limeroad review and haul

The trending section is basically the Scrapbook created by Limeroad users so it is a great way to see what everyone else is liking and how they are pairing apparel with accessories. Scarpbook is one of the major selling point of Limeroad as it makes us see the various combinations we can make with a particular item. And let me warn you, it is addicting. I spent hours going through them and had to really hold myself back from creating some myself. I do plan to create scrapbooks in the future though. You know, to exercise my fashion brain 😉

In addition to that they have Style Council – a group of fashionable people – who also create scrapbooks for us to check out. I mean I am into fashion blogs but this makes it so easy to access the latest trends. review

I wanted to check out Limeroad’s delivery services so I chose one product at first (just to test the waters) – Embossed Ethnic Marble Mobile Stand. It looked really unique and I am a sucker for home decor stuff so this seemed like a nice accessory for my desk. And it is not just for decoration, it will hold my phone while I work 🙂

limeroad handcrafted marble mobile holder shopping escapades

My order went smoothly and I opted for Net banking for the transaction. Everything went smoothly and the best part is that my order arrived within 4 days of placing the order. It was packed in bubble wrap and them tucked safely in a theromocol box which was further protected by a poly-bag.

I am pleased with my purchase and loving how it looks at my desk – a unique, ethnic accessory for my desk!

My only complaint is the infinite scroll which makes it difficult to see the footer menu. That is probably the only cons I can think of, otherwise I loved shopping and browsing Limeroad website. I love how they have provided multiple photos of products especially apparels and the sizing is also given for each brand and product. I think it will make shopping a wonderful experience for online shoppers. I don’t know about you but I know what I will be doing instead of window shopping this summer 😉

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