Live Your #Fame – Lakmé School of Style!

YouTube is growing leaps and bounds in India now and it’s about time we get some mainstream Indian YouTube channels. Thankfully FAME decided to fill this void and created the Lakmé School of Style.

Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.

The channel already has 88 videos up and running. I checked a few of the videos and I must say that Fame and Lakmé School of Style have done a tremendous job with creating content for the Indian audience with the International standards. There is something for everyone – fashion tips, makeup tutorial, latest news and trends from the fashion world in addition to highlighting the social issues of India.

I have liked several videos, I am more into makeup so makeup tutorials have been a personal favorite from the channel but the one that really inspired me was Miss Malini’s “6 Steps To Becoming A Social Media Jedi”.

Miss Malini is the most successful blogger in India and her social media channels are always buzzing with activity. I follow her on her Twitter and Instagram and I know that she is doing something right with her social media channels to have amassed such a huge following and also created so much social interactions. I have had 2 blogs for over 2 years but I know for a fact that I am yet to fully use my Social Media channels to their full potential. So it was great to learn her tips to make the most of my Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Miss Malini has given 6 easily implementable tips that I think anyone looking to build a social media following will be able to follow and benefit from easily. One of the most useful tip that I got from this video was to have fun with it. There are a lot of times I want to post something on my Twitter and Instagram but don’t, just because I think too much into it. I need to relax and interact with my audience, just like Malini, and have fun rather than keeping everything strictly business and serious. I am not sure if I will become a social media Jedi like Miss Malini anytime soon but I sure hope to strengthen my social media presence by following Miss Malini’s advice.

I am having so much fun checking out the useful videos created by the experts in all fields to create awareness. I urge you check out the Lakmé School of Style Youtube channel and be a part of the fun!

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