Makeup Basics – How to Apply A Thin Liquid Foundation?

How to Apply Thin/Runny/Watery Liquid Foundation?

Hi everyone! Today I am starting a new makeup series on the blog and my YouTube Channel – Makeup Basics. When it comes to makeup I am self-taught and I have made a lot of mistakes while learning how to apply makeup. And it has not been easy since the trends and makeup tools have been evolving. I did not always have access to the best makeup tools or even makeup products. Thanks to Amazon and other online retailers who let us reach fabulous products easily. Anyhow. I used to love doing my eye makeup and use a lipstick but I hesitated from using a foundation. Simply because of the myth (which I used to believe to be true) that using foundation is bad for the skin.

Well I do believe using too many chemicals on the skin is bad but foundation usually is bad for the skin when it does not suit the skintype, or has been applied with dirty makeup tools etc. I still like to have some foundation free days to let my skin breathe but for a flawless look foundations, BB creams and powders are a must (unless you are gifted with perfect skin). After this long intro, let us jump right onto how to apply a runny liquid foundation or rather how I apply runny liquid foundations!

how to apply runny liquid foundation

How to Apply a Water-y Liquid Foundation

While the world loves Beauty Blenders, I do too, I love to apply my thin and runny liquid foundations using a brush. A Buffing Brush to be particular. And the one I used for this tutorial is the Real Techniques Buffing brush from their Core Collection set. I like using a brush because I think a lot of product gets absorbed and hence wasted if I use any makeup sponge to apply a thin foundation.

So here is how to apply thin liquid foundation using a brush!

  1. Pump out the foundation at the back of your hand and then start dotting all over the face and neck.
  2. Start spreading the foundation from the cheek area downwards (in the direction of facial hair growth) using small slanted strokes.
  3. Once all of the foundation is spread on the skin, start blending in using tiny circular strokes.
  4. Set your foundation with a powder and proceed with the rest of the makeup!

Buy Real Techniques Core Collection set.


green eyes link lips makeup look


If you like to use Beauty Blender sponge for a runny foundation, you can dot it all over the face and then use the sponge to spread it as usual. This will also reduce the amount of product used!

That is it for this post, do check out my video. Please subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel. If you would like me to do more makeup basics video and posts, leave your comments below!


  1. Alisha says:

    Hey there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and, if possible, do you think you could tone down the smoothing feature on your camera? It’s like wayyyyy up to 11.

    In some cases it wouldn’t affect anything, but they really work against the posts about base makeup or foundations because all the details about the results are completely lost.

    Hope you don’t mind me being blunt 😡

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