Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Nutrition Review

My skin is literally peeling off of my face! It’s not even funny! I don’t know how this started but last year also, my skin got so dry that a few dry spots would appear every few days at random places on my face and then peel off. If I scrubbed 30% of them came off. It is happeneing again and it makes my skin look weird. These are not big peels, just minute dry patches. And one thing has helped me keep my facial skin calm, hydrated and hence keep my hands away from scratching my face off! And it is the Mamonde Flower Essential Nutrition Masks!

I am also using Aloe vera gel to calm my skin. This all may be the fault of bad eating habits but it was all fine until 5 days ago. idk

mamonde amore pacific face mask

Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Nutrition

I bought Mamonde Flower Essential Nutrition masksheets after a very good experience with the Mamonde Essential Mask Moisturizing sheets. Mamonde skin care products are available in Korea in EMART outlets and Aritaum store.

I usually buy from emart because they usually run offers like 10 for 25% off or 5+5 for 7500 (same deals just written differently). And this face mask is fast becoming my favorite!

Product: Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Nutrition

(Mamonde means My World in case you were wondering)

How To Use: 

– Open the pack, unfold the masksheet
– Apply on clean face, setting the cuts around eyes and lips.
– Keep for 15~20 minutes. Remove the cotton sheet.
– Pat the cheeks with your fingers or massage the residue in.

Mamonde is a South-Korean brand under Amore pacific umbrella but unlike other lines does not have an English website. The ingredients, claims, description etc. is also in Korean so I cannot comment on that but I have had a very good experience using it so let me share my thoughts on this face mask.

– The essence is very thick and creamy (not as runny as the ones on masksheets by other brands like The Face Shop, Missha, Nature Republic, Etude House)

– The essence absorbs into the skin better and the softness of the skin increases by at least 30%

– The Masksheet is firm to touch and is easy to place on the face. Mask Sheets from some other brands are too water-y to open and apply easily. Sometimes they drip while unfolding!

Rating: 4.75/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I really like the quality of Mamonde masksheets. I had a good experience with the Mamonde Flower Essential Moisturizing masksheets and now the Mamonde Flower Essential Nutrition Mask sheets have worked even better for me. I plan to try out other masksheet from Monde as well. the only thing is that they are not sold in singles, only in a pack of 10s!

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