Mamonde Sheet mask – Flower Essential Mask Moisturizing review

I bought Mamonde Flower Essential Mask Moisturizing Sheetmasks in a pack of 10 from emart in Jeongja. An individual pack is sold at 1000 Korean Won (KRW) while a pack of 10 comes at exactly 10000. It is a little unexpected because we usually see a little bit of rebate per piece on various items if we buy in bulk. So anyway let’s move on to Mamonde Sheet mask review.

I got a good deal during a promotion going at the Mamonde counter and scored it at 7500 KRW (~6$). I had not really heard much about this brand before and neither had I seen it in a store other than the emart in Jeongja and Aritaum stores but somehow I came back with 10 face mask sheets. It was many months back but these fell on the back of my vanity and I forgot about them and started using (getting crazy with) The Face Shop mask sheets. On a particular cleaning day, I rediscovered these and vowed to use them up before anything else.

There was a lot to choose from at the Mamonde face masksheet colection so I asked the girl at the counter to help me find one for dry skin. She picked this one up and I did not look around at all, just proceeded to billing. Even though it is obvious by the name – Moisturizing Mask – there were revitalizing, softening etc etc there too.

Photo of a pack of Mamonde Sheetmasks

Mamonde Flower Essential Moisturizing masksheets

The instructions were written on the back in Korean. So here are the instructions given on The Face Shop’s english website (which I visit often):

– Open the pack
– Open up the folded gooey masksheet
– Apply on clean face, setting the cuts around eyes and lips.
– Keep for 15 minutes (minimum 10 mintues, maximum 20 minutes)
– Pat the cheeks with your fingers or massage the residue in. No need to wash.

I have loved The Face Shop mask sheets a lot especially the Blueberry one and I think this one is comparable to that. I loved how my skin felt afterwards. I used it at night and my skin was super soft in the morning. I did not even have dry spots on the corners of my mouth which I usually have as the weather turns cooler.

Rating – 4/5
Recommend – Yes. Especially for people with dry skin.
Repurchase – Yes (but I already have too many)

I am yet to open my Holika Holika Vitamin C masksheets or the other millions that I have “collected” in the past few months so I do not think I would be purchasing any masks for a long (Looooong) time now. I do plan to stock up while leaving Korea though! It might be my last chance to try as many Korean cosmetics.

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