Maybelline Color Tattoo and Master Liner Shopping Haul from Olive Young

Korea is usually far behind in the new product launches of international beauty brands. Even in movies! Despicable Me 2 releases on 12th September; it released on 5th July elsewhere 🙁 I have been patiently for the movie to release but I was really annoyed by it not releasing on 1st September like it said on the website for probable movie release dates of English movies on South Korea. But I digress!

Maybelline launched Eye Studio Color Tattoo a zillion years ago but I started seeing them in my Olive Young outlets, which is one of the few outlets storing foreign drugstore brands, only a couple of months ago. Sigh! And the rates were twice the US prices.

It shows 6.99$ as the price of Maybelline Color Tattoo on the Maybelling website but here in Seoul, they cost 15000 Korean Won (~13$). I swatched the colors many times but resisted buying. As usual, I wanted to get a good deal. I kept checking every few days.

Finally last week Olive Young had big SALE going on majority of the products in the store. And fortunately Maybelline Color Tattoos were priced at 9000$ (~ 8$) during this week long event. I picked up a few more things later in the week but here is the result of my first shopping trip during that SALE.

Photo of my Maybelline haul

Maybelline Shopping Haul

I needed a black pencil liner and since Mater Drama was not available, I came back with Master liner. I zeroed in on Tenacious Teal (40) and Too Cool (05). I knew I would be coming back so went for a multi purpose shade – Too Cool – which I can use as a highlight, tear duct highlight or as a overall eyelid shade for a low maintenane eye look. Tenacious Teal looked like the richest color amongst the selection; it kind of stood out to me.

Tenacious Teal looks a bit blue-ish in the photos but the color is much more rich, bold and green-ish than the pics. I have never owned long-lasting eye shadows and I have heard great things about the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoos so I have high expectations of this product!

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