Maybelline Express Finish Nail – Base Brilliante – Swatches, Review

I loved the Innisfree Base Coat but once I ran out of it, I searched for affordable replacements in India and found the Maybelline Express Finish – Base Brilliante. It is a quick drying formula that has also made my manicure last longer.

maybelline base coat

Base Coat – Maybelline Express Finish 01 Base Brillante

Product: Maybelline Express Finish Nail – 01 Base Brilliante

Quantity: 10 ml

Price: 210 INR

Maybellune Express Finish Nail Base Brilliante is a clear base coat that drier fast and makes manicure last longer (as compared to without Base Coat manicure). I have also seen less staining from deeper nail paints after using this base coat. So I totally recommend it!

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