Missha Bordeaux Absolute Face and Body Oil – Review

Product: Missha Bordeaux Absolute Face and Body Oil

Claim: Contains Wine Extracts from Bordeaux and Grape Seed Oil to provide moisture and nutrition to skin.

missha wine body oil review

Missha Bordeaux Absolute Face & Body Oil

Missha is a famous Korean drugstore brand, known mostly for its makeup products specifically lipsticks, glosses and BB creams. I have tried a lot of makeup items from Missha but stayed away from their skin and bodycare line.

One day I picked up some body products in a 50% off sale and I have never looked back!

The most striking thing from my haul is the Missha Bordeaux Face & Body oil. I must admit that I never used it one face but it has worked wonders for my body in the dry weather of South Korea!

My main motive to pick up the Bordeaux body oil was that it was not heavily-scented (thanks to testers in the store), it had wine and grapeseed seed oil which means it has antioxidant properties, and it felt very lightweight. And this oil has not disappointed me at all.

It IS lightweight, gets easily absorbed into skin without being greasy and it smells amazingly nice. It might not be for young people since the scent is a bit grown up in my opinion but for its effect on skin, I think it is worth looking into!

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I have no cons of this face and body oil. Of course I cannot comment on how good it is for the face since I only used it as a body product! It is nourishing to the skin and is very different from everything I have bought! This is my all time favorite Missha product after their M Perfect BB cream!

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