Missha Love Secret Peony Rose Hand Cream – Review

The other day I took advantage of SALE going on in Missha to try out their Love Secret hand creams. There are 5 in this range of hand creams – Cherry Blossoms, Peony Rose, Green Grape, Cotton White, Lemon Grass. As the other three were sold out, I picked up the Love Secret Peony Rose and Lemon grass hand creams. Let’s see if my investment paid off!

Missha love secret in paris

Missha Love Secret Hand cream – Peony Rose

Product: Missha Love Secret Hand Cream – Peony Rose (Love Secret in Paris)

Quantity: 27 ml

Price: 3000 KRW

Love Secret hand creams have been re-packaged in ‘World cities’ themed hand creams now so the new hand cream labels (and the corresponding old names) are:

Love Secret in Vienna (Cherry Blossom)

Love Secret in Paris (Peony Rose)

Love Secret in Rome (Green Grape)

Love Secret in London (Cotton White)

Love Secret in Sydney (Lemon grass)

This was my first time trying hand creams from Missha and since I like their makeup products, I was not expecting to like their skincare range much. I have fallen in love with so many of their bath and body products that now I find it funny how I refrained from trying out their products other than their makeup line. Anyway.

The Love Secret hand creams come in cute travel-friendly (handbag-friendly) packaging with each color on the tube corresponding to the scent. I am not a huge fan of the Love Secret Peony Rose hand cream because of the artificial rosy scent (not peony rose type at all) but the formula is light-weight and very moisturizing. I keep this hand cream on my night stand and the Lemon grass in my handbag (review of that hand cream coming up next)!

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes (try out other scents like Lemon grass, cotton white etc)

Repurchase: Yes (but not this scent)!

The consistency and the moisturisation effect of the Love Secret hand creams is amazing and despite the scent (of Peony Rose) I liked this hand cream. I will not repurchase this scent but I will definitely try out the other hand creams in the Love Secret collection.


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