Missha Mineral Foundation, Love Secret hand Cream and (more) Face masks!

Missha is one of the Korean beauty brands that I have started looking into more seriously recently. The reason behind this might be the pricing (and fewer sales, ahem!) but I think their products are really good. I have given preference to the comparatively more affordable Korean brands like The Face Shop, Nature Republic and Etude house whose products are good quality as well. So I wanted to try their Missha Mineral foundation.

Missha does ship internationally and even has a US specific English website (plus stores) so I think getting my hands on Missha products might not be as difficult once I leave Korea. Before leaving there are a lot more things I want to see and buy in Seoul so I went to the Missha store this week with my friend. I was only in need of a powder foundation (as I do not have any) rest is all impulse purchase as always.

Photo of my Korean beauty products shopping haul - brand Missha

Missha Face mask dry sheets, Love Secret Cotton White Hand Cream, Aloe and pearl mask sheets, mineral foundation

Missha M Sheer Mineral Powder Foundation #23
Missha Face Mask Dry Sheet (10 pack)
Missha Love Secret ‘Cotton White’ Hand cream
Freebies: Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask, Missha Pure Source Pearl Sheet Mask

The M Sheer Mineral Powder Foundation has mineral powder containing 33 kinds of minerals for healthy and radiant skin. I am always mindful of what I am applying on my skin and always read the ingredients so I know Mineral foundations are better than cream foundations in many ways. I do not apply foundation regularly and never use a loose power (aka finishing powder) so a mineral foundation is perfect fit for my makeup routine.

Missha Love Secret ‘Cotton White’ Hand Cream looked so good in the packaging. It smells like Baby powder/fresh laundry. I already have The Love Secret “Lemon Grass” and “Peony Rose” hand creams. I just thought that this would be so good to keep in my handbag. I am a sucker for cute packaging! There are 5 hand creams in the Love Secret hand cream line and I do plan to buy the other two as well. (Determination 😉 )

I received the Missha Pure Source face Mask sheets as freebies from the Missha store. I couldn’t stop laughing when I came back and put them in my “Face Mask” drawer. Seriously. If there is a face mask emergency in the world, this drawer can be used for the “relief work”. I have so many of them now. I will share these my family and friends but still, right now….


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