Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge lipstick – Spring Summer 2014 collection

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge lipsticks.

Missha has launched their Spring/Summer 2014 makeup collection and I see new shades in the Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge lipsticks. I have used a couple of their lipsticks and glosses in the past and loved the formula a lot. The Signature Glam Art Rouge range is not new but for there are 16 new shades in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

I do not see names written anywhere on the packaging so I will refer the colors with the codes given to the shades.

The Pinks

SPK101, SPK106, SPK107, SPK108

The Corals and Oranges:

SCR301, SCR 305


The Reds and Browns:

SRD701, SRD702, SRD703, SRD704


There are 4 Pink shades in the line (guessing from the SPK acronym in the name)

signature glam art lipstick swatches all shades

Missha SPK101, SPK106, SPK107, SPK108

And the corresponding swatches of the Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge Pink lipsticks are:

missha pink glam art lipstick swatches

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge Pink shades (PK101, PK106, PK107, PK208)

These are really very light and the formula of these lipsticks it really good. These are the everyday colors in my opinion. And all of these shades will suit most skin-tones and ages!

There are 3 Coral and orange shades.

Missha corla and orange glam art signature lipsticks

Missha Glam Art Rouge Signature lipsticks (SCR301, SCR305, SOR401)

I am not too much into orange shades but I always love corals (despite most of them not complimenting my skin-tone much). These shades are not as vivid as I would anticipate from the corals and oranges but these are really wearable.

missha orange coral lipstick swatches

Missha Coral and Orange shades from the Signautre Glam Art Rouge lipsticks (SCR301, SCR305, SOR401)

There are 4 Red and 1 brown shade in this category. One of the testers was missing so I do not have a photo or a swatch of it but here are the rest of the 4 shades

Missha Singature red and brown lipstick swatches

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge – Red and brown shades (SRD702, SRD703, SRD704, SBR601)

These are the most pigmented deep shades in this line and amazingly these are everyday-appropriate shades too!

Missha signature Glam Art lipsticks

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge Spring 2014 collection lipsticks – SRD702, SRD703, SRD704, SBR601

If given a chance, I would get the shade second from the right. It looks like a beautiful cherry shade!

(SRD701 missing in the photos and swatches as the tester was unavailable in the store)

I am a huge fan of Missha BB creams and lip products – lipsticks, lip glosses etc. I love their packaging especially for the lipsticks. I think the new Signature Glam Art rouge lipstick packaging is very chic! The colors are moisturizing and pigmented. I like the shade selection. I bought the SRD702 shade and at 30% off, it was an amazing deal!

I am a bit under the weather (for more than 2 weeks now 🙁 ) I will review the shade and talk about these lipsticks in detail. I may get another shade if the SALE continues 😉

Have you tried Missha’s makeup products? What do you think about the Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge lipsticks?

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