Missha Signature lipstick, eyeliner, Concealer and more! (shopping haul)

Missha held an upto 50% off Sale during the Lunar New Year holidays and I took great advantage of the situation. I am going back to India soon and I want to try (basically stock up) as many Korean makeup and beauty products as I can till
I am in Korea. So whenever there is a sale, I look out for the things that I think are different from what I use or things that are unique to Korean makeup brands. Missha and Etude House are my absolute favorites for makeup (followed closely by The Face Shop) in drugstore brands here! 
This is the result of my trip to the Missha store running 30% or 50% off on all products!

missha makeup and beauty products

Missha makeup and beauty Lunar New year haul

Missha makeup and beauty Lunar New year haul:

  • Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge lipstick – SRD702
  • Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer – #23
  • Missha Signature Sexy Black Eyeliner
  • Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener – Natural Beige
  • Missha The Style Magic Eyechange
  • Missha Perfect Clean Hands Gel (Hand sanitizer)
missha red lipstick

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge SRD702

My main motto of going to the Missha store was to try out their newly launched shades in the Signature Glam Art Rouge lipsticks (see the swatches of all the new shades). Each lipstick costs 17800 KRW and at 30% off, it was a good deal. I had already bought 3 new shades of the Color lips-talk lipsticks from Etude House so I limited my lipstick shopping at Missha (my heart is stuck on one particular shade) and got some new things that I expect to be good! I wore SRD702 today and am in love this shade. It is definitely a color for deeper skin tones and would compliment lighter skintones too. In India, most married women (above 35) wear darker shades like these usually and if there was a Missha store in India, this color would always be sold out!

Missha red lipsticks

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge SRD702

Of course after checking out the ever amazing Signature Glam Art Rouge lipsticks, I had to look at other things.

Missha best concealer

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer

I have never revealed myself completely on YouTube yet (my hands and wild hand gestures grace the screen till now) but when I do, you’ll see crazy dark circles that need to be concealed. I don’t really care to apply concealer everyday but on days I am wearing makeup, I like to have brighter under eyes (than natural)! So I got both the concealers that impressed me at first glance. There are a couple more but since I have liked most of the Missha makeup products from their Signature line (elegant black packaging is an added bonus), I got the Extreme Cover concealer (costs 14800 KRW).

It might be a Benefit Erase paste dupe (yet to be proved) and there is a lot of product in that tub. The packaging is deceiving. It looks like a BB cream/foundation packaging. 3 tubs can fit in that one piece of cardboard, but anyway. I got color matched and got #23 even though I wear #21 BB cream from Missha. Missha is not consistent with 21 and 23 so for each BB cream and concealer, find the best match based on the swatch (true story) and do not depend on the numbers!

Missha under eye concealer

Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener

The second concealer I got is their The Style under eye brightener (costs 3300 KRW). I have been using Etude House Surprise Essence concealer for a few months (and loving it), it is the only one I had until I got Benefit Erase paste recently (haul post yet to be published, oops!). The Etude House concealer worked so well for me that I thought of trying a similar thing from Missha. I would do a comparison post (after review)!

missha makeup

Missha The Style Magic Change

I built two custom palettes using Missha eyeshadows (plus palette skeletons, hehe!) and noticed there was a liquid, Magic Eyechange (costs 3300KRW) which could change their single eyeshadow (small eyeshadows with prism pattern) into eyeliners! Hello, I am all for weird makeup products and at 50% off give me one of those! Another review on the cards. If this works well for other eyeshadows too, I am never buying eyeliner again (for the next 3 weeks I mean 😉 )

missha signature makeup

Missha Signature Black Eyeliner

I already have too many black eyeliners, said no girl ever (Yes, I am spending too much time on Facebook). So I got another black liquid liner – Signature Sexy Black Eyeliner (costs 12800KRW). I now have 4. Hoarder-in-the-making alert!

And a girl needs hand sanitizer (costs 4800 KRW). My hands are always fifty shades of grey (haha) because of all the swatches I do during the day (I love my J-O-B) so instead of rubbing packs of makeup remover tissues I thought a Hand Sanitizer at 50% off was a good deal. And Missha claims that this gel “Kills 99.9% of germs without water or towels” and we all know that towels kill so many germs. (I know what they mean but I just love interpreting things differently, and they should say SOAP and WATER).

Missha makeup swatches

The weird swatches!

That is one long post. It took me more time taking photos for this haul, editing them, uploading them and writing this L-O-N-G story than I did swatching, thinking and buying these products (including the round trip to the store from my home)! (Disclaimer: I am not associated with Missha. I am just a SALE-makeup-junkie)

Do you shop at Missha? What are your favorite Missha makeup products?

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