Modern Houses for Our generation!

Hi everyone, how are you today? I have been day dreaming these days. Well the thing is it my favourite pastime after singing and I have been especially busy because we have been planning to buy our own house. We have been renting for quite a long time and feel like it is the right time to live in a place of our own. Before moving to Dwarka, I was excited about Apartment life but after living here, we are ready to move to our own little nest which we own from the ground up! So I have been looking for designs of Modern Houses to plan our own.

When it comes to home, I have a few specific things on my mind – a spacious bedroom with a balcony that has a spectacular view and a spacious state of the art bathroom connected to a wall to wall wardrobe! As a beauty and fashion blogger, I think my NEED for a spacious wardrobe and dressing room is not unreasonable. I know I should be thinking about kitchen, hall and dining room too but they are lower priority for me than my office space and bedroom.

When I think of the bathroom, this photo is very close to what comes to my mind:


And I would be ecstatic if I get a home office like this:

DIRECTORS DESK : Modern offices & stores by REIS LONDON LTD

A bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, and something like this cozy bed and light setup is so inviting!

Master bedroom entire theme : Asian style bedroom by Bonito Designs Bangalore

I am not a fan of open kitchens or kitchen and dining room connection so I am yet to find my favourite style. As for the hall, I want it to be open, bright and inviting. Recliners and coffee tables are a must for me! A beautiful lawn and a garage for our car would be a nice touch too. As the time passes, I feel like I am moving closer to my dream home and I hope to get a chance to build (and move in) it soon!

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