My Fall Perfume – Grace by Oriflame (+ Review)

I love a lot of perfumes from Oriflame, Sweden and Grace (edP) is one of their best creations. I bought it last year and let me first rave about the packaging itself. It is such a delicate bottle, super feminine and makes me feel like queen when I use it. I used to spritz ‘Grace’ only on special occasions since it is a very feminine and special scent in my opinion.

I used it last fall and then kept it aside to change up my fragrance since I like to rotate perfumes from my collection or else I feel bored. I detest routines anyway so having a perfume for everyday is not my thing – I switch perfumes, skincare, footwear and even bags. I am that fickle when it comes to my beauty routine (I may be a bit clingy with my outfits though).

Photo collage of Grace perfume by Oriflame

Oriflame Grace Perfume – The perfect scent for autumn

The bottle has a lid and comes with a cute lavender pump. It makes this perfume perfect for my dresser and practical for travel too (not that practical but at least accidental leakages can be avoided)! This comes in 50ml size only.

Perfume description on Oriflame Website: The epitome of aristocratic sophistication, this extraordinary eau de parfum opens with enchanting notes of precious spices. Her floral feminine heart exudes Indian jasmine, velvety violet and regal carnation. Cashmere wood and vetiver lend an exclusive patina to this most prestigious of fragrances

Since every perfume smells a little different on different people, I think I smell spices and carnations more than Jasmine which is good considering that I am not too much of a fan the sharp Jasmine scent in perfumes (I like it in natural form thought). After settling down for a bit, Cashmere wood notes become more pronounced than others.

Which one is your favorite scent for fall? Do you change perfume with seasons? Have you tried Oriflame products? Would you be trying Grace perfume?

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