My Favorite Accessories – Part One

I have far too many accessories that I have collected over the past 6 years and yet I wear a few ones over and over again. Some of my best accessories are from Accessorize and a store called Six from Sweden from 2010 to 2011. I stopped buying jewelry during 2012 and picked up pace again this year.

I am going to do a series of posts to show my favorite rings, pendants, statement necklaces, handbags, shoes etc. Let’s get started with Part 1 as I am sure this will be a long series. I love all of my accessories and keep them organized and in separate packaging. I will also be doing an accessory collection post once I am done showcasing my favorites.

Here are a few of my favorite accessories at the moment:

Photo collage of my favorite accessories right now

Earrings and Ring of the moment

I like dangly earrings but I do not wear super long touching-my-shoulders-long earrings. These are medium length and look cute with ponytail or even hair left open!

The ring is like a flower bouquet which I originally wanted to wear on my index finger but since it is a little loose, I have to wear it in my middle finger. I like that it is cute but not overly girly.

I own very few handbags and only two of them (one bought last year and one this year) are from Guess brand. The other are from store lines like H&M, Westside, Shopper’s Stop etc.

My favorite clutch (which I bought three years ago from Westside):

Photo of my clutch bag with snakeskin print

Westside Snakeskin print clutch bag

I do not carry this often since I have to carry water bottle and stuff (like books and iPad) so I prefer medium sized bags. This is something I use when I go out for dinner or special occasions, which is less than a dozen times per year! I still like this black and white combo in snakeskin print.

I am too much into accessories like handbags and shoes for statement. I prefer classy pieces that I can wear with multiple outfits (and get more use out of) and be comfortable at the same time. So my style is classy and not dependent on fashion trends. Some more of my favorites coming up in next week’s post in the same series!

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