My Most Worn (summer) Nail colors

Nails were never my priority when it came to my beauty routine. I thought by applying hand cream I was doing a favour to my hands. Horror stories about “Nail paints containing lead that seeps through nails and enters the blood stream directly” might have been the culprit but another factor was that I sucked at painting my nails especially my right hand.

Then I discovered Pinterest and saw bazillion nail art Pins that lit a candle in my heart. I just had to start painting my nails more than twice a year!

Till last year, my nail paint collection boasted of a light pink “barely there” shade, a top coat and a silver glitter nail paint. But this year I decided to dive into the sea of nail colors head first.

At every sale in Korean cosmetic stores I checked out the nail color selection. I was particularly impressed by The Face Shop. I had never worn pastels or red or green or basically anything other than pink (that too in limited shades) so I stocked up on cheap nail paints at Daiso – the Japanese dollar store (100 Yen store actually).

I now have over 30 shades and I paint my nails twice a week (toes once in a fortnight) and just take a one-day breather per week. I am also more aware about the state of my cuticles and use a cuticle oil/ cream regularly. I do Nails Of The Day (NOTD) posts at least once a week and I try not to repeat a shade unless I have done something different with it.

So here are my most worn summer nail colors.

Photo of my most worn summer nail paints

My most worn summer nail paints

From left to right:

Etude House “Look at” #SOR202 – A light peach shade with golden shimmer particles
Elle Girl #8 – A burnt Orange shade
Lofes manicure vitamin super nail hardener #648 – A mint green (BTW I have no idea about this brand, picked it up from a shop in Itaewon for 800 Korean Won)
The Face Shop FACE it Colored Paper Nails in CMX321 – A fun girly top coat with paper cut outs in various shapes and colors.
The Face Shop FACE it Gel Touch Nail in WH001 – The richest White nail paint ever!
The Face Shop FACE it Gel Touch Nail in PK102 – A perfect spring-summer Coral Pink shade.
Organic Farm Shine Nail Paint in #52 – A bright (neon) pink.

I love The Face Shop face it Gel Touch Nails a lot! I now have 4 shades from the 10 in the line. Out of all these, the one on the extreme right (from Daiso) is my favorite. It is the best pink I have ever worn, it comes off as neon pink on my nails and I love the brightness it brings to my tanned dry hands!

I am on my way to building up a small fall and winter nail paint collection. I will be sharing it in am upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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