My Most Worn Summer Shoes

Starting my own blog and YouTube channel has been a dream of mine since 2010 but it never worked out. I finally started my own blog in December 2012 but it was a lifestyle and writing blog. I had always wanted to run a beauty blog but somehow I was too shy to start my own. I am an average looking overweight girl and when I saw other beauty bloggers out there, I didn’t think I fit in.

But then I decided to face my fears and start my blog. My plan is to stay behind the camera, the last thing I want is to be judged on my looks. I already know my shortcomings and am completely comfortable with how I look even though I would love to improve.

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite confident about myself and a lot of people tell me that I carry myself well but I was only skeptical abut my reaction to hearing how I look from strangers all over the world. At this point i do not have the patience to deal with cyber bullying. I would rather do my thing behind the camera and share my thoughts with the world.

Everyone has a right to present themselves well – no matter what age or weight they are. In fact as an overweight girl (who has been called chubby all her life) I think it is my duty to motivate other girls who struggle with weight to take pride in how they look and present themselves well. Losing weight should not be the most important goal of anyone’s life except for health reasons of course.

After this long rant, I hope you are with me as I introduce my “Most worn Summer Shoes” with you. Fall is here and I had a lot of fun in summer this year. I visited Jeju island and two of the most beautiful beaches in Korea – Gyeongpo and Naksan beach. I did loads of shopping and also covered most of the tourist places around Seoul. I look forward to a great winter before I leave Seoul and go back to India.

Photo collage of my gray bow ballet flats, golden sandals and coral wedges

My most worn summer shoes

I love buying quality footwear so I always go for well-known brands. I used to wear high heels during my college years but over the past few years I have limited my high-heel days to special occasions. I like being comfortable way more than faux-tall (which I know is not a word)!

I picked up all three items at different times. I wear ballet flats especially with bows all the time. I need wedges for special occasions while the sandals were in demand for my maxi dresses.

Since my visit to Seoul was for a limited duration of time, I did not invest in pricey but some comfortable, good-looking pairs from Payless in emart (Jukjeon). The prices range from 5000 Korean Won (4$) upto 30000 Korean Won (27$). I never pick up anything more than 10000 Korean Won here.

The Coral wedges were 29000 KRW when I visited in May but I waited till the end of June and got them in 10000 ₩! The gray ballet flats cost me 5000₩ only! These photos were taken when these were brand new but now the gray flats are almost gone while the other two still look good. I will carry them both back with me!

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