Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask – Review!

Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask – Review, Ingredients, Price in India!

Hi Everyone! The weather is changing here in Delhi and I am trying to keep my skin hydrated. I have dry skin which is already showing signs of dehydration even though the weather is hot during the day, I picked up the Natio Ageless Hydrating mask last year for winters and there is still a lot left for me to use so that is what I am using these days. I totally forgot to review it last year even though I did find some difference to my skin after using this face mask. Here is the detailed review of the Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask!

natio hydrating mask

Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask

Product: Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask

Price: 1077 INR | Buy Online

Quantity: 100 g

Claim: Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask is a perfect product for you to achieve ageless beauty. Enriched with organic rosehip and Sesame oil it provides energizing vitamins to the skin. It also contains Papaya and Aloe Vera that provides moisture to the skin. This mask smells nice and gives a soothing feeling to the skin.

hydrating mask

Natio Ageless Hydrating Mask

Natio Ageless Hydrating mask comes in a white plastic tube with a white twist-open lid with an opening. The mask has a creamy-gel consistency and has a herb-like smell. The scent is not a huge factor in my opinion. The tube is secure and travel-friendly even though I think (since it is a mask) you can squeeze out the mask in a travel bottle or tub.

This face mask is very easy to use. All you need to do is squeeze out the mask and apply it directly on your face. It spreads evenly on the skin. I like to build a slightly thick layer, that is just how I prefer it. The mask slightly tightens, not losing its moisture, within 15 minutes of application. I wash my face with cold water and pat it dry before continuing with my usual skincare routine.

Natio Australia Ageless Hydrating Mask

Natio Australia Ageless Hydrating Mask

Natio Hydrating Mask

Natio Hydrating Mask

I did not notice a huge difference in the condition of my skin after using this face mask even though it is good to keep the skin nourished. I think it is perfect for dry skin. This mask is something that I like to use twice a week. People who have oily skin might need this maybe just once a week. It is not very heavy

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

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Overall, I think the Natio Ageless Hydrating mask is a creamy gel-like mask that is nourishing to the skin. It is perfect to pamper the skin periodically through the week. It is not too heavy and can work for all skin types. Even though it is targeted towards a slightly mature age group, its moisturizing properties can be employed by anyone at any age.

Have you tried the Natio Ageless Hydrating mask? Which is your favorite face mask right now? Comment below!

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