Nature Republic Fly To the Moon Eyeliner and Lip Rouge!

The “makeup adventure” bug has bitten me and I am on the lookout for products to try that I do not reach out for usually. And in my opinion starting at the lower price products for colors is far better than going for high end products. So to experiment with glittery eyeliner, I bought Nature Republic Fly To the Moon liquid eyeliner.

These are felt tip liners and the consistency of the liner is very watery. I tested the colors in the store yesterday before buying and they swatch fine but when I applied it today, they do not show much on my eyes and also run easily. For people with fine lines or hooded eyes, this can be especially problematic. I will use this for a couple more days before setting my opinion about these on stone. So wait for the official review before dismissing them. As of now – not up to the mark even for the price.

Photo of my Nature Republic haul with glitter liquid eyeliner, lip crayon, nail paint

Nature Republic – Fly To the Moon (01 Black 02 Violet), Botanical Eco Crayon Lip Rouge 04 Satin Brown, ABE104 Nail Paint

I do not know how Eco Crayon Lip Rouge #4 Satin Brown landed in my shopping basket that day 😉 Actually this Lip Rouge Crayon has a glossy finish and is creamier than the Lip Crayons I featured in a haul few days ago. The name and packaging appears to be the same but there is a price difference of a dollar. I don’t understand, I need to do more research!


Photo of swatches from my Nature Republic eyeliner and lip rouge crayon haul

Nature Republic Swatch (left to right) Botanical Eco crayon Lip Rouge 4 Satin brown, Fly To the Moon Liquid Eyeliner 1 Black, 2 violet

The nail paint is just a plain soft beige. I have never owned anything like this before. Expect this is an upcoming NOTD post! I cannot find it anywhere on the website. And the name s not written on the nail paint bottle, only a number ABE104.

This Lip crayon is everything I wanted and expected  from a lip rouge crayon. This is a little expensive but definitely better than the non-glossy ones I bought last time.

Update 25-Sep-2013: I can still see the Fly To the Moon eyeliners in the Nature Republic stores. So how “limited” was this edition? It does not even look like a bestseller or something.  I have been seeing it since June. *shrugs*

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