Nature Republic Massage Cream Mini-haul

I am super excited this week to be finally settled in my home here in Seoul and form a comfortable routine. Finally I decided to brave the cold (actually I do it everyday but just for added effect) and ventured into the cosmetics store around AK Plaze in Seohyeon. There are The Face Shop, Aritaum, Nature Republic, Etude house, Missha, Innisfree and Skinfood stores in that area.

A lot of SALE is going on and I finally decided to listen to my dry itchy skin and bought moisturizing massage creams. Now I should admit that I watch a lot of beauty videos on YouTube but I never really follow advice. I do whatever I feel like doing. So in short, I did not know what to expect from these products. I picked these up purely for the fun of trying!

Photo of Nature Republic massage creams

Nature Republic Massage cream shopping haul

Nature Republic mini haul:
Phyto Massage Cream – Olive (150ml)
Oriental garden Massage Cream – Pomegranate (8ml)

I tested the Olive massage cream in the store itself but did not find a tester for the Oriental Massage cream. The Oriental Massage Creams are also available in bigger packs (190ml jars) but I knew it would take me long time to use up the Olive Massage cream itself.

Oriental Massage Creams are also available in: Red Ginseng, Royal jelly and Mung beans. I forgot other names and I am not even sure if there are more and I cannot find them on the website. I will check in the store, memorize and update. I hope to take better care of my skin and massage at least twice a week!