The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Body Butter – Review, Photos

As promised in my Hazelnut Sugar body scrub review post, I am back with the review of The Nature’s Co. Chocolate-Mint Body butter. I received a deluxe size sample of this product in my “The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Fab Bag” in the beginning of this month. This was my first time trying out The Nature’s Co. products, so here s the review of the Chocolate Mint body butter!

chocolate mint body butter review

The Nature’s Co. Chocolate-Mint Body Butter

Product: The Nature’s Co. Chocolate-Mint Body Butter

Claim: This luscious body butter from The Nature’s Co. has chocolate and extracts from mint. Its rich formula improves the appearance of the skin by making it soft and silky. Its fresh fragrance stimulates and energizes the senses making skin feel amazingly refreshed. Slather on this delicious treat.

Quantity: 200 ml (6.07 oz.)

Price: 1295 INR

* I had the 35ml deluxe sized sample. You can watch my first impression review of this product and the beauty bag this came in at:

Key ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Peppermint extract, Peppermint oil, Kokum butter, Grapeseed oil.

fab bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition bag – Fab Bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Bag (by FabBag)contents:


The Nature’s Co. Chocolate-Mint Body Butter comes in a white plastic tub with a brown lid. I have found that The Nature’s Co products are have simple packaging. Of course the quality of the product matters more but somehow since I deem The Nature’s Co. to be a high drugstore brand, comparable to The Body Shop in prices, it can probably step up their game to make the packaging a tad bit more interesting.

This body butter is deemed suitable for combination skintype but as a person with dry skin, I think it has worked well for me too. I did feel that this was a bit lighter than the Mixed Body Butter, I still did not feel any dryness in my skin after using this.

Let me first reinstate that my first impression of this product was not that good. Firstly I hate chocolate and mint mixed together, second I was expecting a different scent from this. This one smells of chocolate (in a chemical way) and just by looking at the body butter or smelling it, you would not guess that this contains any bit of Mint. I also did not have any pronounced tingly and fresh minty feeling that most mint-based products have.

tnc chocolate mint body butter

The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Body butter

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Maybe. If you have combination skin and like Chocolate scent, you might enjoy using this body butter.

Repurchase: No. I enjoyed using this body butter for as long as it lasted (35 ml for 7 days) but it did not make a mark in my opinion. I am happy that I tried it but for the price, I would like to experiment a bit more with other brands and products.

I think that this body butter is moderately hydrating to the skin and also absorbs within moments of application. I was neither super impressed nor appalled by it! I liked the Mixed Body butter (that I received in the same bag) better than this one!

Have you tried The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint body butter? Which is your favorite body butter ever? Comment below!

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