The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub – Photos, Review, Details

Today I finished using The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body scrub and incidentally, this was the final product in my The Nature’s Co. Limited edition Fab Bag this month! I would consider this transaction a total success because I received this bag in the beginning of December and got to try out a new brand and new products. So here is the review of the Cocoa Body Scrub!

cocoa body scrub review

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

Product: The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

Claim: Your skin will stay healthy and look glowing with this ‘Cocoa’ body scrub from The Nature’s Co. featuring antioxidants and exfoliation properties, this body scrub for women removes dead cells and neutralizes the harmful free radicals.

Quantity: 250 ml

Price: 1095 INR

Key ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Cocoa Grits, Walnut Grits, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E.

* I used the 35ml deluxe sized sample. You can watch my first impression review of this product and the beauty bag this came in at:

fab bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition bag – Fab Bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Bag (by FabBag) contents:


the nature's co scrub

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa body scrub comes in a white plastic squeeze tube with brown flip open lid. It is a pretty basic packaging that can be simply termed as functional. The Cocoa scrub is claimed to be suitable for all skintypes. The scrub itself is light brown in color and had dakr brown – cocoa and apricot grits.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate so this was not the first on my list to try from the bag. But once I started using it, I felt that it gave me a quite good scrub. I mean it is not heavy-duty by any way but it is not something that can be used everyday. This would ideally be my once-a-week-scrub.

I found that this (35 ml) lasted me for 3 uses, with a chance of I going overboard again, in comparison to 2 for the Hazelnut Sugar Body scrub. This body scrub smells artificial-ly of cocoa which is not something I admired.

Like the rest of The Nature’s Co. products, I can only find the key ingredient list and not the Full Ingredient list.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe. If you are in the market for a good body scrub from a reputed company and do not pay attention to the ingredient list, you might enjoy using this product. A love of all things chocolate can also be a factor!

Repurchase: No. I had a good experience with this body scrub but it is too expensive for the smell, quality and packaging combined. I have found equally good, if not better, body scrubs in the same price range from other brands. Not finding the full ingredient list bugs me. For these reasons combined with my need to explore new products and brands, I will not repurchase this The Nature’s Co. Cocoa body scrub!

Have you tried The Nature’s Co. products? Which is your favorite body scrub ever? Comment below!

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