The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub REVIEW

I reviewed The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter yesterday and decided to feature another one of The Nature’s Co. product on the blog for review today. I received this Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub in my The Nature’s Co. limited edition bag (by Fab Bag) last week. I started trying out the products immediately. This is the second product I finished using, read on to find out if I like this as much as the body butter!

the natures co hazelnut sugar body scrub price details review photos

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar body scrub

* Photo belongs to The Nature’s Co. website

Product: The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

Claim: Quick penetrating; Natural exfoliant; Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins; It even contains tannins that have toning, astringent and healing properties.

Quantity: 200 ml

Price: 1495 INR

I received 4 products in my The Nature’s Co. limited edition bag (Christmas special):

Chocolate-Mint Body Butter

Cocoa Body Scrub

Mixed Berry Body Scrub (reviewed)

Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

Unboxing and review video:

So here is the review of the Hazelnut-Sugar body scrub!

the nature's co body scrub

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub comes in a white plastic tub with a twist open brown lid. The packaging is basic but functional. This is not a travel-friendly product, not just considering the size (200 ml), because it leaked a bit in the transit; thankfully it was bubble-wrapped and sealed (the only one out of the 4 to be sealed and wrapped) so the sugar-y syrup stayed in the wrap itself. Anyway.

When I first opened this bottle, I could not recognize the scent (watch the video linked below to see my reaction) because I was expecting a sugar-y sweet and/or nutty scent. However, this smells cirtus which is crazy because in every possible perception, it looks and sounds like a sweet smelling thing. One of the key ingredient – Lemon oil – is the reason behind this. But still it’s a bit bizarre. In all honesty I like the scent!

This body scrub boasts of Hazelnut oil, Vitamin E, Lemon oil, Almond oil, Vegetable Glycerin as key ingredients.

fab bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition bag – Fab Bag

Moving on to the actual product, I had the 35 ml deluxe sized sample from the kit (details below) and I finished it in 2 uses! I used this last Saturday and then yesterday; and it was all gone. Of course, there is every possibility that I went overboard.

This is a heavy-duty scrub, not suitable for everyday use. It is not abrasive by any means though. I love using homemade body scrub (powdered sugar, honey, milk/almond oil) and this one felt pretty similar. I have dry skin and do not use strong scrubs but this one was moisturizing enough and my skin felt really clean and fresh after using this! I feel that this will work great for all skintypes (maybe not for sensitive skin)

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

As I mentioned in my review post of The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter, I like to read the ingredient list of all my skin and bath products; however, I only see the key ingredients mentioned on the brand’s website. Hence my rating, which usually also takes in the ingredient quality into consideration, is purely based on my experience with the product and its performance. So if you could care less about the ingredients and love citrus scents in heavy-duty body scrubs, this is a match made in heaven for you!

Have you tried The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub? Which is your favorite body scrub ever? Comment below!


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