The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Bag by Fab Bag Unboxing, Review and Photos

I have been going a little crazy with the beauty subscription services lately and the latest one I received is The Nature’s Co. limited edition (Christmas) bag by Fab Bag. I got to know about this from the fab bag’s newsletter I received a few days ago. Since I had never tried any of The Nature’s Co. products, I seized the opportunity at once plus the tagline “Have a Berry, Nutty and Chocolatey kinda Christmas with the Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Bag” got me. So here are the details and review!

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fab bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Christmas Special bag

Watch the unboxing and review video:

The products in the bag are worth 850 INR but the bag was priced 249 INR. Since the full-sized products come in 200 ml containers, so these are the deluxe-size samples!

the fab bag christmas special

The Fab Bag Christmas Special

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Bag contents:

  • The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Body Butter
  • The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter
  • The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub
  • The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub
fab bag

The Nature’s Co. Limited Edition bag – Fab Bag

Individual products from this Fab bag, key ingredients and my first impressions.

The Nature’s Co. Chocolate-Mint Body Butter

tnc chocolate mint body butter

The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Body butter

Key ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Peppermint extract, Peppermint oil, Kokum butter, Grapeseed oil.

Claim: This luscious body butter from The Nature’s Co. has chocolate and extracts from mint. Its rich formula improves the appearance of the skin by making it soft and silky. Its fresh fragrance stimulates and energizes the senses making skin feel amazingly refreshed. Slather on this delicious treat.

Chocolate and Mint is not my most favorite combination ever so I was not expecting to like it. But this body butter smells a lot of chocolate (with no traces of mint) and reminds me of The Body Shop Chocomania body butter that I used to love. The consistency is smooth and I hope I like it enough to have a good replacement for the Chocomania body butter. My life will be complete 😉

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter

body butter

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body butter

Key ingredients: Raspberry extract, Strawberry extract, Kokum butter, Olive oil

Claim: This Mixed Berry Body Butter from The Nature’s Co will condition and nourish your skin. Have an ultimate experience with regular application of this super refreshing and delicious scented body butter. Treat your skin with nature’s best therapy and stay relaxed.

This body butter is the most delicious berry-scented product I have ever come across. It reminds me of Taro bubble tea,  both in color and smell, I used to drink in Korea all the time! The lavender color is a nice touch and I am expecting this body butter to do some wonders to my dry skin!

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

the nature's co scrub

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

Key ingredients: Cocoa Extract, Cocoa Grits, Walnut Grits, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E.

Claim: Your skin will stay healthy and look glowing with this ‘Cocoa’ body scrub from The Nature’s Co. Featuring antioxidants and exfoliation properties, this body scrub for women removes dead cells and neutralizes the harmful free radicals.

This scrub looks like a heavy-duty scrub with sizeable cocoa/walnut chunks. I am expecting a good exfoliation, but as far as smell goes I am not that pleased. I was expecting more delicious chocolate scent than the artificially sweet scent I am getting. Of course it is not a big deal as of now especially if the scrub wins my heart!

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

the nature's co body scrub

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub

Key ingredients: Hazelnut oil, Vitamin E, Lemon oil, Almond oil, Vegetable Glycerin

Claim: Get smooth and healthy skin by regularly applying this Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub from The Nature’s Co. It is rich in brown sugar, hazelnut oil and tannins that together make a great nourishment formula for skin. This Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub also has toning, astringent and healing properties.

I smell so much of the Lemon Oil and Sugar in this product that I love it already. I can eat it! I am hoping for a mild exfoliation with this one which will make it suitable for everyday use! This is the only product that came in a bubble wrap and did leak bit of the sugar-y liquid.

The Nature’s Co. has some amazing products to be looked into and from this box I have two favorites – Mixed Berry Body Butter and Hazelnut Sugar body scrub. I am quite happy with my The Nature’s Co. limited edition bag by Fab Bag. I am excited to try out new products, in fact a new brand. There are 2 body butters and 2 body scrubs in this bag; one or two face products instead of multiple body products would have made this even more perfect!

Disclaimer: I bought this bag with my own money. The post contains an affiliate link.

Have you tried Fab Bag subscription service or The Nature’s Co. products? Which is your favorite product ever from TNC?


    • Ritu says:

      It sold out fast, I am lucky I got to grab it. The Nature’s Co. have their own box, The Nature’s Co. Beauty Box, so you can try that out if you want!

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