The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter REVIEW

I did an unboxing and review of The Nature’s Co. Fab Bag, and I received 4 deluxe sized samples in that bag. One of those was The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter. I loved the smell and texture at first sight so decided to test it right away. Today I finished using it and am ready to review it. So read on to find out if I liked the product after using it or was it just a deceiving first impression!

the nature's co review

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter – Review

* Photo belongs to The Nature’s Co. website.

Product: The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter

Claim: Crammed with extracts of Raspberries and Strawberries; and brimming with vitamin C and AHA; Hydrates, Moisturizes, restores, protects and give you a glowing skin.

Quantity: 200 ml

Price: 1295 INR

* I used the 35 ml deluxe sized sample that I received in my The Nature’s Co. limited edition Fab Bag for December.

See my unboxing video:

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body butter comes in a plastic white tube with green twist-open lid. The packaging is pretty basic and a 200 ml bottle is not considered in terms of “travel-friendly” options so it is not a problem. The body butter should be the star of the show and IT IS.

berry body lotion

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter

The Mixed Berry Body butter features Raspberry extract, Strawberry extract, Kokum butter and Olive oil as key ingredients. It smells of berries, delicious (Berry-licious?). And it is lavender in color making it a bit special to look at but the smell – love it!

The body butter smells so inviting that I know I went overboard which also explains how I finished up 35 ml in a week! I love the consistency of the product. It glides well on the skin and absorbs fast. It is a non-sticky formula I believe and moisturizes skin so well. I have dry skin but I think this will work for all skin types.

body butter

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body butter


The delicious smell stays for sometime before fading away. But the fragrance in no way interferes with any perfume you might wear.

On a sad note, I cannot find the full list of ingredients anywhere. It makes me sad because I always need to know if my skincare and bath care products contain added perfume, color or preservatives. I am quite fussy about paraben, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives in my skincare so not knowing what went into this delicious body butter makes me a bit concerned about liking this so much.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I like to trust people and brands so I am giving 4.5 to this body butter since it does the job fantastically; and I know most people do not care about the Ingredient list. I would definitely want the full-size product on the basis of what I have experienced with The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry body butter. Of course a full ingredient list will help me make a better and more informed choice. If you are a lover of berry scents (and Taro bubble tea) you’d love using this body butter. If you hate Berry scent, The Nature’s Co. have many other options to choose from, one of them is the Chocolate-Mint Body Butter which I will be reviewing next week.

Have you tried The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter? Which is your favorite body butter/lotion ever? Comments below!


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