Naughty Cat Accessories and Daiso shopping haul

I have been searching for nail art stuff and I also have been wanting to buy a few new accessories. So finally today, I went to Naughty Cat and Daiso to pick up a few things I really wanted to get. If you are not familiar with Naughty cat and Daiso, Naughty Cat is a chain of accessories stores in Seoul and Daiso is a Japanese 100 Yen Store (dollar store).

I picked up a few accessories from Naughty Cat

accessories haul korea

Naughty Cat accessories haul

Knuckle rings have been huge lately so I got a silver and a gold knuckle ring. There were not many options to choose from but the few that were there looked cute. I also picked up a Hello Kitty mirror and I am so excited about it. I love Hello Kitty stuff now, I was not into all that until 2012. So does that mean I am growing younger? LOL

I picked up a few things from Daiso.

daiso japanese dollar store haul

Daiso haul

I want to arrange my makeup and thought these boxes will come in handy to store things in same category together. I have not completely decided how I am going to do it but I had no containers to arrange my makeup in the drawers so these will definitely come in handy. I wanted to try out the fan brush and thought of starting from the cheapest one I could find. Most of the nail art stuff was sold out so I just got this wheel with 12 different nail art design pieces and of course I picked up Orange sticks. I can never have enough of them! 

So that is pretty much I got today. I am trying hard to limit my makeup shopping because I want to wait for the Holiday sales and new collections. Let’s see if I am able to contain myself!


    • Ritu says:

      Naught Cat stores are all over Seoul. I frequent the one in Migeum, Seohyeon. Most shopping districts in Seoul have Naughty Cat stores…if you want to find one in a specific location, let me know I will try to search for you 🙂

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