Neutrogena Body Emulsion Daily Relief Lotion – Review

Neutrogena body emulsion – daily relief lotion is my first time trying any Neutrogena product. I had stepped out of my teens when I first heard about the brand Neutrogena. Many people swore by its face wash to combat acne so I thought the brand is targeted towards teenagers only. It was not a very informed guess but I never really looked into Neutrogena products until I came across the body lotions and hand creams which claimed to be very nourishing.

I had seen Neutrogena products a couple of times earlier at emart but it was just the other day when this was at 30% sale and I decided to give it a go. I pumped out a pea sized amount of this lotion and applied it to both of my hands. I loved the effect it had on my dry hands, the smell is also very pleasant which is a small prerequisite I have set for body products. I do not like anything to overpower my perfume.

Photo of neutrogena body emulsion

Neutrogena Body Emulsion Daily Relief Lotion

I have used a chunky knit scarf just to make – it’s great for winter – statement!

ClaimNeutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Emulsion is the moisturizing alternative that continues to work when most lotions won’t. This creamy lotion soothes and smooths even problem dry skin. Lighter than a cream, it is comfortable for all-over daytime use. Glycerin-enriched formula delivers long lasting softening and protection from dryness and flaking for up to 17 hours.

Brand history: It started with Norwegian fishermen. Faced with some of the harshest, coldest weather one earth, they used a formula hat delivers concentrated levels of glycerin to dry, chapped skin providing immediate and lasting relief.

I love the image of Norwegian fisherman slathering a body lotion before swimming. I think I have a weird sense of humour. But somehow the connection between the brand and the fishermen makes me want to try the product a bit more. I have been to Finland (Helsinki) for less than a day but I have lived in Sweden long enough to know the quality of European beauty products.

Besides it gets really cold there so if a brand local to the country is producing something, it will definitely be more moisturizing (and better?) than lotions produced by brands for countries with warmer climates. Just my theory.

I bought the 155ml pack and I love applying it to my skin after shower. I use this sparingly since it is summer right now but I can clearly see this as my go to body lotion for winter.

The packaging is basic but nice and I like the clutch clip provided for the push button top. This way I don’t accidentally pour the lotion all over me. I am usually not too much into powdery scents especially baby power types but I find the fragrance of this lotion pleasant.

Rating – 3.5/5
Recommend – Yes. Stock up for the dry winter months.
Repurchase – Yes, definitely.

This is my favourite body lotion at the moment.

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