Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Hand Cream – REVIEW

I got the Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Hand Cream aeons ago (shopping haul) and started using it a couple of months ago since I always have a bunch of hand creams in rotation. Neutrogena launched their Nordic Berry range almost 2 years ago and it contains a body lotion, lip balm, foot cream in addition to the hand cream. I have not used anything else from this line so I am going to stick to my experience with the hand cream. If you have read my Neutrogena Concentrated hand cream review, you would know why I did not have very high expectations from this one. So read on to find out of it made me change my mind about the Neutrogena hand creams!

neutrogena hand cream

Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry hand cream

Product: Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Hand Cream

Claim: The Neutrogena Nordic Berry Hand cream enhances its hydration level by 3 times and transforms dry hands into soft nourished ones every day. With the unique combination of the Norwegian formula moisture expertise and the Nordic Berry, a known Scandinavian super fruit, the formula nourishes dry hands to make them beautiful healthy looking every day.

  • Nourishing for dry hands
  • Delicate fragrance for pleasant application
  • Light, non greasy texture

Quantity: 75 g

Price: 9500 KRW (~9$)

Neutrogena have introduced this cream with the light non greasy texture and I agree but however, this is not a fast-absorbing formula. I think it takes a little time to be absorbed by the skin which is strange because I expect light textured products to get absorbed fast. But it is not greasy so I do not mind.

The second thing is the Nordic berry which I do not smell in the cream at all. It is in fact a little sweeter but fresh scent. I expected it to smell berry-like. Of course Cloudberries do not have a distinctive smell so that might be the reason. But I thought I will discuss the scent. A lot of people are particular about the scent ya know!

I like the simple packaging. Hand creams in squeezable tubes are always my preference and I think there is a lot of product in the packaging. I know that this hand cream is not that expensive elsewhere but it cost me more than 9$ in South Korea. I liked it but not enough to suggest buying it at that price, so get it at a relatively better price if you can.

The moisturizing properties of this hand cream are good and when I apply it at night, I do wake up with softer hands. However, I do not think there is anything unique or special that I get from this hand cream that I cannot get from any other drugstore hand cream.

Even though the packaging says this is meant for dry hands, I think this hand cream will work well even for people with more hydrated skin. Actually I have never known anyone even with oily skin having ‘oily’ hands (if you happen to have then please share your hand care routine, I am so curious) so I think this will work for everyone. But of course use your discretion.

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

I like this hand cream and will buy it if I get it at a better price because 9$ is too much for any drugstore hand cream unless it is 200 ml or something. I am a hand cream junkie and really liked the claims and packaging so I gave this a go. I am not terribly disappointed or particularly impressed. It is moisturizing, light weight and travel-friendly. That does it for me!

Have you tried Neutrogena hand creams? Which is your favorite hand cream?

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