New Hair Routine – Pantene Silky Smooth care Shampoo + Review

It is getting colder out here in Delhi and I am at loss of ideas what to do to keep my hair smooth. I have dry voluminous wavy hair which needs a lot of taming through mild shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and a smoothing finishing serum. My current hair routine is totally blah! Oil – Shampoo – conditioner – Shehnaz hussain hair serum.

I am currently using the Pantene Silky Smooth care Shampoo and conditioner. Whenever I use Pantene, Dove or Sunsilk, I actually do not expect anymore than average results and I guess that is why I am neither thrilled nor disappointed after using them. The reason might be that I have been using these drugstore beauty brands for over 15 years. I crave change and yet I am afraid of using new products on my hair.

Pantene Silky Smooth care Shampoo for review

Pantene Silky Smooth care Shampoo

I used Focal Black & White to edit this photo. I love experimenting with editing photos that I take. What do you think?

Back to the review…

Pantene Silky Smooth care shampoo is supposed to be more moisturizing and smoothing for dry hair leaving it soft and manageable. I think my hair is not necessarily any softer or smoother after using this shampoo and conditioner but it does not dry out my hair so in the absence of my HG shampoo and conditioner, I can make do with these. I like the hair mask in the same line better than the conditioner because I do not think the conditioner does too much of the job I want it to do. So I use the hair mask in place of conditioner quite often. I do not see any bad effects so I might be doing something right.

Rating – 3/5,┬áRecommend – Depends

I like Pantene shampoos more than Dove shampoo even though I love Dove soaps and body washes. What are your thoughts about the Pantene silky smooth care line?

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