New H&M handbag and bag charms!

Recently I got a new bag from H&M and I adorned it with bag charms today. Here is a quick post on my new handbag and bag charms. Take a peek!

handbag charm

My H&M handbag and bag charms

I love my handbag. I liked that it had black and beige on different side and it has a lot of room! I usually go for bags that are big enough to fit my stuff that I carry everyday but since I am a bit rough with my bags, I do not buy expensive ones for daily use. And black is my go to in handbags. I rarely like handbags when I see them, I am very specific! This is not the most stylish bag ever but it is simple, spacious, good for everyday use, goes with most outfits and durable!

And since this a simple bag, I thought it would be nice to have a few bag charms. I have seen so many girls in Korea having bag charms on their handbags/bakcpacks that I totally wanted to do it.

I got a little doll from a roadside stall in Myeongdong and the pink pumps are from a cheap accessory shop in Express Bus Terminal shopping area.

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