Nishtha’s Ariel in the Colgate Magical Sea World!

Nishtha’s Ariel in the Colgate Magical Sea World! #ColgateMagicalStories

My neighbour Nishtha is a spirited 3-year-old girl who can melt anyone’s heart with her stories. She loves watching Dora the Explorer and her favourite movie is The Little Mermaid. I have tried to bribe her into loving Frozen so we can watch it together when she comes to my house. But she adores Ariel!

She is such an intelligent little girl! One day she told me about how polybags are bad for cows. When I questioned her, she said that her elder sister Sakshi (11 years old) told her about it. Since the reason given to her was incomplete or she had probably forgotten half of the part, I decided to explain it to her in detail.

I told her that these days cows are left open to find food on their own and they end up near the garbage bins for “easy” meals. And since many people tie our garbage in polybags and throw them on the roadside, the cows try to extract food out by tearing the bag apart. They do not have hands so they use their teeth for this purpose. And sometimes ingest polybags accidentally. It then gets stuck in their throat because of which they choke and die.

She was heartbroken.

She told me that she will not let anyone in this world to throw garbage on the roads in polybags. When I asked her how she will stop them, she said she would tell every one of them about how cows can die because of swallowing polythene bags.

People will understand and stop using polybags, she reasoned.

To my astonishment, our whole society now knows about this episode because she has been telling this to everyone who even says Hi to her. And she is such an accomplished story teller that she has made characters out of cows discussing food, garbage and polybags!

So when I received the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs with Magical Sea World stickers, I knew she would come up with something clever with the characters. There are four packs with different set of “worlds” and characters inside, I gave her one of the packs with the mermaid first. And the story she created is incredible. Enjoy!

colgate magical sea world story

There was a mermaid who lived in water. She wanted to grow legs and live on the land with a prince. She used to collect a lot of things inside her room under water. One day a boat dropped something heavy in the water. Since Ariel was swimming nearby, she assumed it to be a treasure that could be added to her collection. She brought the weirdly tied bag in her room. Before she could open it, her father ordered her to come to dinner. So she left the bag behind and went to their dining room.

A few moments later her friend, a scorpion named Sebastian (which she pronounces as Shebashian) comes into her room to talk to her about a new boat he has found a little far away from their playground. He sees the bag and opens it with his claws (pedipalps). It contains banana peels, torn paper, leftover meat and some other rotten things. He throws it away on impulse.

Knowing Ariel will get mad at him for littering in her room, he picks up everything, puts it in the bag and ties it tightly. He then carries the bag outside her castle and throws it away and goes home.

A hungry whale is passing by and comes close when she smells meat. She tries to chew on the bag to find something eatable. The polybag gets stuck in her mouth and she finds it difficult to breathe. After a few minutes, she dies.

Meanwhile, Ariel comes back in her room after dinner to see the polybag gone and gets sad to have lost the treasure.”

colgate magical sea world stickers

This is my humble attempt at keeping the story as close to her version in Hindi. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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