NOTD – Bright Pink by Organic Farm

One of the things I had decided this year on my birthday (in February) that I would challenge myself to try new things, do new things and push out of my comfort zone. I did start slowly and I do still invest in things that I think will be evergreen but I have started trying new things which cost less. Daiso sell things at a cheap price and I believe that the quality is reasonably ok.

So when I needed a bright nail paint so I went and bought a cheap (<1$) neon pink nail paint by Organic Farm from Daiso, Japanese 100 Yen Store. The shade is – Organic Farm Shine Plus Nail #52.

Daiso organic farm neon pink notd

Neon pink NOTD #52 by Organic Farm

It is a neon pink but not too bright, making it suitable for multiple skin tones. The consistency is very thin so I had to apply 3 coats excluding a clear top coat but I think it is good enough for 1000 Korean Won. And I liked the end result. My nails looked festive (and summer-y).

As with many other nail paint, even from high end brands, it does not last longer than 3 days. I do a lot of housework without gloves so this is average performance of nail paints on my nails. All I bother about is a color to last me a few days and look good. So I am happy with this shade from Organic farm.


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