NOTD: Cheerful, Rainbow nails (wedding anniversary edition)

I am into a full blown nail art mania! I have been painting my nails so often and trying so many nail art designs that keep popping into my head (and catching my eye on Pinterest) that I need more hands to catch up! See my 7 in 1 nail art post.

easy nail art tutorial

Colorful confetti nails!

Today is my wedding anniversary and instead of going for a romantic nail art (which I am sure the hubster wouldn’t notice until I throw it in his face), I decided to do how my heart is feeling at the moment – cheerful! And what better way to express this happiness than colorful nails!

I am slowly building up a nail polish collection (since last year) and I thought of using as many colors as I could (except black since I couldn’t find it). I did my nails last night and had no idea what I would be wearing so this “Nail Art” was a safe bet. I have stopped buying clothes (since late November) since I want to try out more Korean makeup and beauty products so I will have to choose something that I already have but haven’t worn a lot (and there are a few)!

So anyway, the nail art is pretty simple.

nail art details

All shades and tools used for the nail art

Step 1: Paint your nails White (or whatever base you want)

Step 2: Use a dotting tool to ‘dot’ on different colors making sure to dip the tool in nail paint remover after every single color.

Nail Polishes used:

  1. The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails – WH001 (white)
  2. The Face Shop Face it BL606 (Light blue)
  3. The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails BL601 (Cobalt Blue), PP401 (Violet)
  4. Etude House Play Nails #93 (Green)
  5. Nature Republic Color Waltz RD503 Diva Red (Red), PK215 Secret Pink (Fuscia)
  6. Elle Girl 08 (Orange)
  7. Daiso Organic Farm Lovely Pastel #07 (Neon Pink), 01 (Yellow)
  8. Lofes Vitamin Super Nail Hardener 648 (mint green)
  9. The Face Shop Face it Gel Touch Nails Top Coat

I used one color at a time and then cleaned the tool to pick up the next shade. it was very easy and fun. I loved being random. And I love how cheerful my nails look!

You can check out more simple nail art (7 of them) in video I posted recently on my YouTube channel.

I hope you liked it. If you try this, make sure to share it with me!

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