NOTD – Entropy on pink

The Face Shop – Face it nail paints

I am back with another NOTD. I have been a little lazy with my makeup lately. Eyeliner and lipgloss/lipstick are the only things I’ve been using for a couple of weeks. However, I have been going wild with my nail colors.

I was never a paint-nails-always kinda girl. Infact my nails were brittle and broke easily which made painting the nails less rewarding and satisfying. I was under the impression that nail paint only looks good on long nails. Sometimes I applied a coat of clear polish out of pity.

Only recently did I encounter nail art on (relatively) short nails on Pinterest and now there’s no looking back. I have gone Nail paint and nail art crazy. I am still lazy and do not design anything but I’ve been keen enough to try easy tricks to make my nails look glam!

The face shop face it nails of the day

NOTD – Pink entropy

Buy it here – The Face Shop Face it Colored Paper Nails #01 CMX321 Tropical Candy

In my opinion, these stickers will look good against all major base colors. One of my friend also bought the same shade and applied against a burnt orange nail base and it looked equally awesome! This line of nail paints might be the easiest way to create nail art without too much work.

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