NOTD – Etude House Bling in the Sea #1

Etude House is one of my favorite beauty brands in Korea. I have tried many of their products during my stay here and I absolutely love everything right from the product, packaging and variety. The brand has fun and flirty vibe to it. I always look forward to new launches in the stores.

Last week there was a SALE going on in Etude House store so I decided to pick up some stuff. Nail varnishes were in 50% off deals so I picked up a color from the new range “Bling in the sea.” This line has a collection of glitter nail paints and I picked up a copper-ish gold.

Photo of my Nails of the day using Etude house Bling in the sea shade 1

Bling in the Sea #1 by Etude House

When I saw this colour in the store, it appeared rose gold and the recently turned rose-gold fanatic that I am, I decided to buy it at once. Once I came home and opened the stuff I bought, I saw the copper shade 🙁 Not that i have anything against it but I was expecting more rosy gold. A bit more pink-ishness than yellowy-brown-iness (totally made up words, I am so good at describing thing, aren’t I?)

My nails need a new color and we brought the number 1 Bling in the Sea! There are copper glitter particles and some golden chunks in this nail paint (visible to the naked eye). It sparkles a lot. I also applied it to my toes. Surprise surprise I have the same color on all of 20 nails for the first time. I always do something else on the toes idk why.

Rating – 3/5
Recommend – Definitely
Repurchase – New shades definitely!

I love wearing glitter nail paints since they add an extra oomph to an outfit and also sty longer than other types of nail paints. Sadly this color vanished in 3 days, which is not very good for a glitter nail paint. I do not hold it against it though, I went for a rafting trip on the weekend so nail paints usually do not last as long in water.

I have tried many glitter nail paints but this one was a little more rough feeling when applied on the nails so I had to use a top coat (I usually skip that step)! I think Bling in the Sea by Etude House is an awesome nail paint range for glam nails. I would definitely consider trying on new shades.

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